Off-court troubles: Nowitzki, Beasley, Balkman

  • Dirk Nowitzki encountered some off-court drama last May when his now-former fiancée, Cristal Taylor, was arrested at his home.  Taylor, who claims that she is pregnant with Nowitzki’s child, was “sentenced Monday to five years in prison for violating probation in a 12-year-old case, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported,” according to
    Nowitzki has endured some terrible personal issues this summer, but don't expect him to bow to them this season.  (Flickr/Keith Allison)

    Nowitzki has endured some terrible personal issues this summer, but don't expect him to bow to them this season. (Flickr/Keith Allison)

    “Monday, Circuit Judge Nancy Schneider sentenced Taylor to concurrent five-year prison terms for three felony counts and a one-year jail term for a misdemeanor. However, Taylor was credited for one year of probation, reducing the sentence to four years,” the story notes. Nowitzki is an elite basketball player no matter how you cut it, and he’s set for another great year for the Dallas Mavericks.  Expect him to power through his personal issues and find solace on the basketball court.  This series of events is certainly sad for Nowitzki, but his on-court performance shouldn’t be affected.
  • Michael Beasley, the Miami Heat’s star rookie last season, was recently admitted to a rehabilitation hospital in Houston, according to Yahoo! Sports.”Sources said the Heat encouraged Beasley to check into the facility to address possible substance and psychological issues. He is expected to spend time with former NBA player and coach John Lucas, who is renown for his success in working with troubled players. As part of the NBA’s treatment program, Beasley is expected to stay in the facility for a minimum of 30 days with little outside contact, one source close to him said.” After turning in a disappointing 2008-09 season for the Heat, Beasley received verbal support from coach Pat Riley this summer, who said that the second pick in last year’s draft would “be getting significant minutes at both forward positions and this opens up more opportunities for him to become the player we all expect him to be,” according to a South Florida Sun-Sentinel story. However, this recent development does not bode well for Beasley, who has quickly turned from being a promising fantasy player this year to one that you should avoid. It’s still possible that he’ll turn in a good season, but with an uncertain timetable for a return, along with the concern that a young player like him can successfully overcome a public difficulty of this nature, Beasley looks like he’ll be more trouble than help this season.
  • Renaldo Balkman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in Florida on Saturday, but was released after posting $500 bond, according to  Balkman, who averaged 5.0 points and 3.8 rebounds in 14:41 per game last year for the Denver Nuggets, had minimal fantasy value before this incident and has minimal fantasy value now.  His value will plummet to zero if he receives severe punishment for this incident.

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