Redd crosses, Yi-ikes and other NBA injury chatter

  • Michael Redd is out two weeks with a strained knee – yes, the same one that was surgically repaired last season. For fantasy owners who drafted him, you had to know Redd was at risk at sitting out chunks of games at a time so this shouldn’t be too big of a surprise. Charlie Bell seems to be the most obvious beneficiary from this situation. He started last night and finished with 11 points, 5 boards, 3 assists, a steal and a three in 34:11. Brandon Jennings, who is off to a great start, will also benefit from more looks. He hoisted 23 shots last night, compared to the 15.5 he was averaging in the two games before, and finished with 25 points. Andrew Bogut also saw more shots and minutes and finished with his best game of the season, notching 16 points, 13 rebounds, a steal and 3 blocks. Hakim Warrick moved into the starting five last night and will be worthy of a starting fantasy spot in most leagues so long as Redd is out. Carlos Delfino will also benefit from more minutes and shots, though his numbers will only be appealing in deeper leagues.
  • Yi is hurt and so are his owners. (Flickr/NBANets)

    Yi is hurt and so are his owners. (Flickr/NBANets)

    Yi Jianlian could miss up to six weeks with a sprained right knee, which is a huge bummer for owners hoping for a breakout year for the frustrating forward. Chris Douglas-Roberts and Terrence Williams are the clear winners here, as both should be good for a solid mix of points, boards, threes and steals, though CDR does shoot better percentages. Bobby Simmons could also be worthy of some monitoring, though his value should be appealing only to those in deeper leagues.
  • Antawn Jamison was shooting before Tuesday’s game, which is a good sign of his recovery from a shoulder injury. While he has mentioned that his knee is in pain because of a lack of conditioning recently, that shouldn’t be cause for much concern. He looks nearly ready to return and could put a dent in Andray Blatche‘s value, which has soared while Jamison’s been out. If there’s a time to sell high on Blatche, it’s now, though he’ll still have decent value when the Wizards return to full strength.
  • Pau Gasol may return to the Lakers’ rotation on Friday after sitting out the beginning of the season with a hamstring injury, though his owners would do well to wait until happily inserting him into their lineups that night. His return will be a damper on Lamar Odom‘s value, since he’ll lose the starting spot that he’s done so well with. Andrew Bynum will see fewer minutes, but he shouldn’t lose too much of his value, depending on how coach Phil Jackson decides to order his roster and distribute minutes. Sell high on Odom if possible, but don’t sell yourself too short if you’re looking to move Bynum. Keeping him probably isn’t such a bad idea.
  • Tracy McGrady is scheduled for an MRI on his knee on Nov. 23, but besides that there’s not much else to get excited about with him. He could be worthy of stashing on the end of your roster in deep leagues, but in shallower leagues there are plenty of better options to keep on your bench right now. If you happen to own him when he returns, treat him like a hot potato and trade him as soon as he puts together a string of three or four solid games.

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