Fantasy week 3 preview

  • Richard Hamilton (ankle): might be out another week
  • Tayshaun Prince (back): might need surgery
  • Pau Gasol (hamstring): could be back sometime this week
  • Andrew Bynum (elbow): ditto
  • Tyrus Thomas (arm): weight room accident, surgery, out four to six weeks
  • Kenyon Martin (leg): could be back sooner than expected
  • Andris Biedrins (back): might play tonight
  • Troy Murphy (back): has a few days to rest, but not a good play in a two-game week
  • Devin Harris (groin): out another two to four weeks
  • Courtney Lee (groin): maybe groin injuries are contagious in Jersey; says it’s minor, could be back soon but be cautious
  • Ryan Anderson (ankle): could miss a week, very close to losing most of his value with Rashard Lewis returning soon
  • Vince Carter (ankle): returned too soon, close to returning but not a great play in three-game week
  • Kevin Martin (wrist): surgery, out six to eight weeks
  • Tony Parker (ankle): says it’s not serious, out about a week
  • Mike Miller (shoulder): out another week
  • Michael Redd (knee): out about another week, maybe longer
  • Nate Robinson (ankle): could return next week
  • Allen Iverson (pride): leave of absence for personal reasons, situation in Memphis is getting really ugly

Stock watch:

↑ Roy Hibbert: finally putting up some nice lines

↑ Brendan Haywood: finding his groove

↑ Chris Bosh: still on a tear, still shooting 100 percent (5-5) from beyond the arc

↑ Jamal Crawford: right at home in Atlanta

↑ Nene: steadier numbers, should remain that way as K-Mart recovers

↑ Andre Miller: starting alongside Steve Blake, putting up better stats, should be starting point guard soon

↑ Chris Kaman: still beastly on nightly basis

↑ Mike Conley/O.J. Mayo: no A.I. is good news for them

↑ Carlos Boozer: seems to be back on track

↓ Carmelo Anthony: has fallen back to earth, but still having a solid year

↓ Elton Brand: continues to struggle

↓ Jose Calderon: ditto

↓ Paul Millsap: suffocating as Boozer remains in Utah

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