Breaking news: Arenas suspended for gun-related incident

  • Arenas is probably safe to drop. Trading him isn’t going to get owners anything right now and holding him will be difficult at best, and pointless at worst. Owners who want to wait until the dust settles are free to do so, but it could prove to be a fruitless endeavor. This is a downright shame for his owners, since Arenas was getting back to being an elite fantasy point guard.
  • Randy Foye is the front-runner to take over the starting PG job in Washington. He becomes a very appealing pickup for the time being. Earl Boykins also seems set to receive a big boost in playing time, so if Foye’s taken in your league, feel free to pick him up as a consolation prize.
  • Mike Miller, who is set to return from a calf injury this week, also becomes a must-own waiver wire commodity. He’s only owned in about one-third of leagues right now but will be picked up very quickly after this bit of news. With his ball handling skills, Miller’s value has huge upside now. Add to this the very real possibility of the remaining star players on the Wizards being traded away in the near future and it’s clear that owners should go and grab Miller immediately.
  • Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler now become huge trade targets in the NBA. Both will likely be on different teams after the trade deadline. They probably have at least a couple more weeks with the Wizards, but depending on where each goes, their values could be negatively affected. There’s word that the Cavs are eyeing Jamison, which would mean that his fantasy value would decline. Butler has been the subject of rumors of a trade to Chicago for Kirk Hinrich, which wouldn’t affect his value much at all. Keep a close eye on this situation and sell high on them if you want to avoid the risk.

The drama is just unfolding and there’s sure to be many other consequences that come as a result of this. Monitor the continued coverage closely, as the ripples of this splash could end up affecting your fantasy squad, even if you don’t currently own any Wizards.

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