2010 Free agents: ‘Volatility Index’

Diggler is almost certainly staying in Dallas, and unless they manage to nab a big-name free agent, he’ll remain the top dog there and should continue to put up top-six numbers. PREDICTION: DALLAS

Amar’e Stoudemire: 2.5

He’s not the most humble of players, which makes it easy to imagine him leaving Phoenix to pursue big bucks and more media attention. Stoudemire is always keen on the offensive end, but remains a weak rebounder and defender, which should mean that his fantasy value will remain pretty steady wherever he lands. PREDICTION: MIAMI

Carlos Boozer: 5.5

Boozer’s about to find out what life is like without an elite point guard. He’s a rebounding machine, but his offense will probably dip a bit with whatever team he ends up with, whether it’s because of a dominant teammate or a better-rounded frontcourt. PREDICTION: NEW YORK

Paul Pierce: 0.0

He’ll stay in Boston and lead a team in a fashion similar to 2009-10. This one’s easy. PREDICTION: BOSTON

David Lee: 4.0

He was a fantasy beast on the Knicks, a team with a thin frontcourt and a very friendly offensive scheme for a player like Lee. Unless he ends up in Phoenix, he’ll find it quite difficult to replicate his stellar 2009-10 campaign. PREDICTION: NEW JERSEY

Ray Allen: 3.5

He’s a veteran who’s seeing his window for another championship close very quickly. While Allen’s still a deadly shooter, he’s about as consistent as the last season of “Lost” was. His fantasy value is threatened more by his age than where he lands. PREDICTION: BOSTON

Rudy Gay: 3.0

He’s a restricted free agent, but Memphis is probably unlikely to match exorbitant offers. Gay is pretty versatile, so expect him to be productive even if he lands on a team with offensive firepower. PREDICTION: LA CLIPPERS

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