Quick takes: Wade, Bosh in Miami, Boozer in Chicago

Dwyane Wade

Wade is staying in Miami and he'll have a very capable sidekick in Bosh. Will the duo become a trio by Thursday evening? (Keith Allison/Flickr)

Two-thirds of the dream trio that has been the recipient of so much attention this summer have finally decided on their future.

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh announced today that they plan to sign with the Miami Heat.

From a fantasy standpoint, it’s not all that exciting — yet. It’s too early to jump to concrete conclusions on Wade and Bosh’s values next season, since we don’t know who else will (or will not) sign with their squad. As it stands, the Heat only have Wade, Bosh, Mario Chalmers and Michael Beasley on its payroll. If they fill out that roster with a bunch of minor role players, Wade and Bosh remain fantasy studs, though their stats might take a slight baby step back.

If, however, Wade and Bosh are joined by LeBron James, all three dudes will see their values take a material hit.

Andrea Bargnani immediately becomes more appealing, but owners shouldn’t let their expectations go too wild. He’s shown himself to be inconsistent at best and will probably miss Bosh’s presence on most nights, as defenses will be able to focus more of their efforts on shutting the Italian down. Ed Davis and Amir Johnson also become a bit more appealing, but again, expectations should be kept in check.

The other big news today is Carlos Boozer‘s agreement to sign a five-year deal for $80 million with the Chicago Bulls. He’s a double-double machine when healthy, but Joakim Noah is a much better rebounder than Mehmet Okur was, so expect Boozer’s rebounding to slip a bit on some nights. Also, without an expert distributor like Deron Williams to run pick-and-rolls with, Boozer might have a tougher time scoring. Noah was never much of an offensive threat but with Boozer on board, he’ll see even fewer shots and will have another hungry rebounder to mesh with.

Luol Deng and Taj Gibson will also see their fantasy stocks drop. This is especially a shame for Gibson, who was a surprisingly productive rookie last season.

Derrick Rose will have another offensive option to pass the ball to, which should help his assists. Also, pick-and-rolls will be a lot more appealing with Boozer around, which could open things up offensively for Rose. His scoring should remain steady, but we all know that Rose’s Achilles’ heel in fantasy world is his subpar three-point shooting.

In Utah, Paul Millsap immediately sees a bump in value and is probably in for something of a breakout season. However, as with Bargnani, too much of an improvement shouldn’t be expected from Millsap, who will see tougher defenses more often as a consistent starter. Many fantasy owners will likely overrate his draft position, but readers of this blog would be wise to ignore the excessive hype to come.

Okur’s value is a wash. He’ll get more looks, but he’ll miss how much Boozer spread the floor for him. Andrei Kirilenko should also see more consistent minutes, but his health and inconsistency will weigh his fantasy value down.

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