2010-11 Fantasy basketball mock draft w/ Weakside Help: Round 3

Tim Duncan

If this photo of Tim Duncan with a basketball doesn't get you excited, I give up. (Keith Allison/Flickr)

If you haven’t heard by now, Henry at Weakside Help and I at — well, here — am going on a mock-drafting adventure. Here’s a quick overview: we’re building 12 teams in a standard nine-category league, round-by-round (for 13 rounds), in order to build the best teams that we can, while also drafting in an appropriate order.

So far, the first two rounds haven’t strayed too much from the script, which means some eyebrow raising is bound to be in store in this round.

Here’s round one (here at fBasketballBlog).

Here’s round two (over at Weakside Help).

Now for round three, where things start to get dicey:

25. Al Horford (joins K. Durant, T. Evans): Many of you might scoff at this pick but that’s probably because you haven’t been paying attention to this guy. During his three years in the league, Horford has improved his shooting from the field (55 percent last season), rebounds (9.9 per game last season) and scoring (14.2 per game last season). The big man also offers his share of steals and blocks (though it’d be nice to see him block more shots), rarely turns the ball over (1.6 per game for his career), and shoots well from the charity stripe (78.9 percent last season). Oh, and any slight risk to his value the addition of Shaquille O’Neal would’ve presented seems to be all but dead, since the Hawks aren’t ready to pony up the cash that the Big Diesel desires.¬†Horford’s quietly managed to build himself into one of the elite center-eligible fantasy players available, and adding him to a team that has Durant and Evans fills out the roster quite well — seriously, name one category that this squad is seriously lacking in so far? This team is looking tighter than [name of your favorite celebrity crush].

26. Chauncey Billups (joins L. James, B. Roy): Mr. Big Shot always seems to hang around in the top 20 every season, and while there’s good reason to think his motor’s due for a sputter, it’s hard to let him slip much further than this. Roy at No. 23 overall scares me a bit, given a health record that elicits as many groans as M. Night Shyamalan’s name on any screen nowadays. But if he’s anywhere near healthy, there’s no denying his value at that spot. So, on one hand, Billups acts as something like insurance for Roy. On the other hand, this team is looking really strong in assists and threes. James’ somewhat shaky FT% is lifted by Billups and Roy, while Billups’ low FG% is lifted by LBJ and Roy. One through three are filled up pretty well here — now on to build the frontcourt! Or not. That’s for Henry to decide.

27. Joe Johnson (joins C. Paul, C. Bosh): JJ always seems to find himself around the No. 25 spot each year, and this season is probably no different. He’s pretty boring, in a good way — you know you can count on him for 21/4.5/5, along with solid percentages and a nice dash of threes. This team now has a rock-solid backcourt and a capable big man, and assists will abound. My only fear is that Johnson’s dreadful playoff woes will carry over into this season. Is it likely? No. Is it a scary possibility? Yes.

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