2010-11 Fantasy basketball mock draft w/ Weakside Help: Round 5

Hedo Turkoglu

What do Hedo Turkoglu and one of the summer's Hollywood blockbusters have in common? (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

Round five already? This is going faster than Rick Pitino’s –

Nevermind. You get my point — each round of this mock draft is flying by. Henry at Weakside Help and I have already tag-teamed to knock down four rounds of this mock draft (head-to-head, nine categories, 12 teams, 13 rounds), with pretty solid results thus far, if I may say so myself. (That’s more of a nod to Henry’s work so far, given that he’s always taking a later round than I am.)

If you need to catch up, here are round one, round two, round three and round four.

While drafting a single rock-solid fantasy basketball team is a tough task in and of itself, trying to build 12 solid teams at the same time is much more insane. For each round I find myself attempting to see things from 12 different angles — the closest thing to schizophrenia that someone can experience in the realm of fantasy ball.

Regardless, I’m thoroughly enjoying the process and am eager to tackle this fifth round, the most difficult (and probably the most questionable) one for me so far:

49. Marcus Camby (joins K. Durant, T. Evans, A. Horford, P. Pierce): This team has plenty of scoring punch, so adding a nonscoring beast like Camby won’t weigh that category down much at all. While the eventual “returns” (yes, the quotes are very necessary) of Greg Oden and Joel Przybilla are looming as threats to his minutes, neither of those two big men can be trusted to play significant minutes for a while. Besides, Camby only played 31:11 per game last season and still averaged 7/11 along with 1.1 steals and 2.0 blocks. He should get plenty of playing time in the beginning of the season and should remain the anchor of the Blazers’ middle for the duration of the season — so long as he can stay healthy himself. While Henry expressed concerns about this team dragging down Durant’s pristine FT%, Camby’s dismal 58 percent average last season is kind of a fluke, since he only shot 1.4 free throws per game. Horford and Camby have this team in very good shape up front, while Durant, Evans and Pierce spread their strengths across the other categories. I’m a bit scared of what Henry will think of this, but I can’t allow a potential beast like Camby, who can easily put up top-25 numbers, fall into the 50s.

50. Kevin Love (joins L. James, B. Roy, C. Billups, J. Noah): Is there room for Love in Minnesota? If Michael Beasley hadn’t been dumped into Minnesota, Love would be an easy pick here. But with Beasley around, and with the Timberwolves committed to the manna that is Darko Milicic, Love’s path to fantasy stardom is a tad cloudy. Neither Beasley nor Milicic are capable of replacing the rebounding gap that Al Jefferson left behind, which means Love (who averaged 11 boards per game in 2009-10) could feasibly average 15/12.5, along with a dash of threes, assists and steals. Add to this the possibility that he has a good shot at starting and playing more than the 28:36 he averaged last season and there’s more room to go up than down. He fortifies this squad’s rebounding and strong shooting percentages.

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