Mock drafts, live chats, a poll — oh my!


Do you want a mock draft, live chat session -- or both? Vote now! And don't worry, your votes won't be thrown away. (Daquella manera/Flickr)

It’s August, summer’s winding down, and what used to be the daily flood of NBA news and rumors has slowed to a trickle (I mean, seriously — vuvuzelas, Mike D’Antoni’s back and Dennis Rodman are the most interesting bits of NBA news out there?).

But fear not! The 2010-11 NBA schedule is just a week away and we’re less than three months away from the start of another season.

So with the beauty that is fantasy madness about to descend upon us, I wanted to gauge your interest in two things: mock drafts and live chats.

For mock drafts, while Yahoo’s Fantasy Basketball site is still in summer mode, Mock Draft Central is an alternative that’s up and running. (Any other mock-drafting sites you guys know about?)

For live chats, I’m thinking I’ll take an hour or two (or more?) on a given day to take your questions/comments and offer my answers/reactions — kind of like a live Q-and-A session right here on this site.

So take your talents south of this paragraph and express your interest in possible mock drafts and live chats by voting in the poll below (or letting me know on Twitter). If I get enough responses for either option, I’ll organize them.