2010-11 Fantasy basketball mock draft w/ Weakside Help: Round 7

Gilbert Arenas

Yeah, that's right Gilbert -- your number's finally been called. (Keith Allison/Flickr)

Round seven and still going strong.

It’s been a fun ride so far and this middle part of the draft is where it gets really exhilarating. The pressure of conforming to general opinion from the earlier rounds is gone, but the pickings aren’t yet slim enough that you can let up a bit like you may be able to do in the latter rounds. This is where you start seeing and doing things you might not have expected heading into the draft, and where big-time steals are made.

Henry got me nodding, grimacing and raising my eyebrows in round six, so I’m hoping to give him (and you) a similarly emotional ride here in round seven.

If you need to catch up, here are round oneround tworound threeround four, round five and the aforementioned round six.

I could call this round the “Dirty Dozen,” since there are so many dudes being taken here that might cause you to groan in boredom and agony. But there are some exciting picks, too. Read on and hold onto your butts — this might be a rocky one:

73. Marcus Thornton (joins K. Durant, T. Evans, A. Horford, P. Pierce, M. Camby, J. Terry):  Thornton had incredibly hot streaks during the last three-plus months of last season, his surprisingly productive rookie campaign. He only played 25:36 per game but managed to average 1.6 threes, along with strong shooting percentages. The Hornets barely made any moves this summer and with Luther Head no longer set to sign with the team, Thornton has very weak competition at the SG spot. This, along with the fact that CP3′s helpful return, could translate into a huge breakout season for Thornton, who should play at least 30 minutes a night and has a shot at averaging 17/4/2 along with around 2+ threes. His small name might make this seem like a reach, but Thornton put up top-35 numbers for much of last season. The Jet at No. 72 (a potential steal, though Rodrigue Beaubois’ emergence worries me) and Thornton at No. 73 gives this team some scoring and three-point shooting thrust to add to KD’s strengths in those categories. This team continues to impress me.

74. Rashard Lewis (joins L. James, B. Roy, C. Billups, J. Noah, K. Love, L. Deng): In all honesty, Lewis shouldn’t be falling this low. Yeah, he struggled last season but he’s still a lock for 2.5 threes per game along with solid FT% and 1+ steals. I fully expect Lewis to be more comfortable playing alongside Vince Carter this season, which should be good for his numbers. In fact, I think he’ll easily be worth more than Deng when all’s said and done in 2010-11. This team doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses yet, though the health risks of Roy and Deng concern me.

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