2010-11 Fantasy basketball mock draft w/ Weakside Help: Round 9

Ben Gordon

I'm afraid to place a caption here. (Keith Allison/Flickr)

We’ve finally reached the other side of the draft — the half that’s rife with question marks, nauseating picks and old names that bring back haunting memories. For some fantasy owners, these are the rounds that are akin to flipping through photos of your ex-lovers — the ones that broke your heart and made you the bitter drafter you are today. But maybe it’s time to let go of that bitterness and practice some forgiveness. There are hints of redemption in these waters, as players who’ve burned us in the past are in new situations that might be conducive to something of a comeback.

Many might not think much of these later rounds but that’s a mistake. Will any of these players make or break your fantasy success this season? Unlikely. However, some of these guys could turn out being staples in your starting lineups, while others might just save you the heartache of a poorly used roster spot. Besides, there are still plenty of intriguing players in the shallower end of this fantasy draft.

Henry did a solid job in round eight. The biggest surprise, of course, was Tiago Splitter at No. 95. I like Splitter and expect that he stands a very good chance at justifying this pick — I just think he could’ve been had in the last round or two. Nevertheless, I understand the lack of stimulating options around these parts, and I also appreciate that if there’s a player you really dig and must have, you might have to jump on him a round or two early to ensure you’ll have him, especially in the latter rounds.

If you’re just joining the party, here are round oneround tworound threeround fourround fiveround six, round seven and the already-referenced round eight. Now let’s mosey on over to round nine, which includes a poll and new visuals (you have permission to get excited):

97. George Hill (joins K. Durant, T. Evans, A. Horford, P. Pierce, M. Camby, J. Terry, M. Thornton, T. Thomas): It might seem strange drafting Hill just six slots after TP, but there’s plenty to like here. First off, Parker wasn’t the portrait of health last season, missing 26 games. With Roger Mason out of town, Hill becomes the sole heir to whatever minutes at PG Parker leaves behind. Add to this the weakness of talent behind Manu Ginobili at the SG spot and it’s easy to see that there are plenty of minutes available for Hill, who stands a good chance of beginning the season as a starter for the Spurs. The kid hits threes, shoots solid percentages and adds a delightful mix of stats in just about every other category. I’m more comfortable with my PG spot on this squad now, which looks dandy to me.

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