2010-11 Fantasy basketball mock draft w/ Weakside Help: Round 9

98. Ben Gordon (joins L. James, B. Roy, C. Billups, J. Noah, K. Love, L. Deng, R. Lewis, T. Splitter): Oh, the pain Gordon put his owners through last season. He started things off with a bang, missed 20 games, played paltry minutes in the games he did play and ¬†finished the season off with a strong week (which was too little, too late for owners whose playoff periods ended before then) before sitting the last game out. Tack on the fact that Gordon’s bum ankle is recovering slower than expected and it’s clear that the skies are looking a bit glum for the guy. Despite the likelihood that he’ll start off the season with limited minutes, Gordon should be much healthier this season than last. Bear in mind that before 2009-10, the most games he only missed 12 games in five seasons — 10 of those in 2007-08. This will be a “patience pick” for this owner, but given Richard Hamilton’s suspect health the past two seasons along with the rumors that the Pistons are shopping the masked man, there’s a lot to like about nabbing Gordon here. I don’t think averages of 19/3/3 along with around a pair of threes a game are out of reach for Gordon, and if Hamilton is dealt or suffers another injury-riddled season, watch out. This squad now has a viable SG to back up Roy, who is always a candidate to rack up DNPs. Also, there are now four former Bulls on this team. Concerning Henry’s assertion that Deng could have a memorable season and will outperform Lewis the “hack” (a name I don’t have a problem with) in fantasy world, I say let’s throw it to the readers:

99. Andrei Kirilenko (joins C. Paul, C. Bosh, J. Johnson, R. Gay, M. Williams, C. Kaman, G. Arenas, A. Bynum): AK-47 has been a walking DNP for most of his career, but there are three reasons to like him for 2010-11: 1) it’s a contract year, 2) he’s likely to grab the starting SF gig in Utah and 3) he’s sitting out of this summer’s World Championships. I would be shocked if he ended up playing more than 72 games this season but Kirilenko is still a guy who can offer solid shooting percentages, along with 12/5/3/1/1 and a three every now and then. I like taking the jump with the Russian at No. 99 — Mikhail Prokohorov can join us, too.

100. DeMarcus Cousins (joins D. Nowitzki, J. Kidd, A. Iguodala, A. Jamison, A. Brooks, M. Beasley, V. Carter, Y. Ming): What better way to handle the century mark than to pick the maybe-promising player this very owner downplayed just seven picks ago? Cousins is an exciting pick at No. 100 overall. He showed off his serious skills during the Summer League and appears set to play enough minutes in Sacramento to produce usable fantasy lines. Big men tend to start off their NBA careers with slower progress than guards and forwards, and I expect that Cousins will also traverse his share of rocky roads in his rookie year. Provided his head stays on straight and his weight stays down, I’m a believer that Cousins stands a good shot at being a consistent utility player for most fantasy squads this season. (Besides, his name lends itself to some creative fantasy team names, an intangible asset for fantasy basketball.)

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