2010-11 Fantasy basketball mock draft w/ Weakside Help: Round 11

122. Derrick Favors (joins L. James, B. Roy, C. Billups, J. Noah, K. Love, L. Deng, R. Lewis, T. Splitter, B. Gordon, J. Flynn): This team is nearly concrete in all roster spots, so it was time to take a flier on a big man. (Visions of Noah having more foot issues, Love wearing another thumb wrap and Splitter getting spotty minutes frightens the paranoid part of me.) He’s too raw to be reliable in his first year, according to many, but Favors has weak competition at the PF spot in Newark, which means he should get plenty of minutes to find his way on the court this season. I’m not expecting much from him in the way of consistency, but I’m fine with having a hot-and-cold big man this late in the draft.

123. Anthony Morrow (joins C. Paul, C. Bosh, J. Johnson, R. Gay, M. Williams, C. Kaman, G. Arenas, A. Bynum, A. Kirilenko, S. Dalembert): First off, I dig Dalembeast in round 10. With the Kings set to run a faster offense, and with Cousins liable to send more than a few opponents straight into Dalembert’s extended arms, he stands a very good chance of exceeding that pick position. Morrow has some competition in Courtney Lee, but Lee showed last season that his offense is yawn-worthy at best. We all know how hot Morrow can get, so I expect him to get plenty of run as a backup or a starter in New Jersey this season. He’ll have his ups and downs, but the potential for steadier minutes is too good to overlook.

124. Emeka Okafor (joins D. Nowitzki, J. Kidd, A. Iguodala, A. Jamison, A. Brooks, M. Beasley, V. Carter, Y. Ming, D. Cousins, W. Chandler): Here’s what we know about Okafor: he hasn’t missed a game in three seasons, he’s a walking double-double with nearly a pair of blocks a night and he shoots better than 50 percent from the floor. We also know that he shoots a shade below 60 percent from the free-throw line. He’s a bit more than half of what D-Ho is, but Okafor also turned the ball over just 1.4 times per game last season. For a squad that’s relying on two risky centers, Okafor seems like a calming backup, and maybe even an eventual starter. You know what you’re getting with him, which is tough to say for a few of this team’s players so far.

125. Ron Artest (joins K. Bryant, A. Jefferson, M. Ellis, M. Gasol, R. Felton, L. Scola, R. Allen, L. Barbosa, C. Maggette, G. Monroe): Queensbridge. Artest is way more fun in real life than in fantasy life, which is kind of odd to read. His shooting percentages were dreadful last season, but 11/4/3 with 1.4 steals and 1.4 threes per night isn’t too shabby this late in the draft. I’m hoping his second season in L.A. will mean good things for his shooting touch, but I’m not holding my breath. If anything, he’ll be a satisfactory SF plug should (or is it when) Maggette suffers his next sprained limb.

126. Beno Udrih (joins D. Granger, J. Smith, N. Hilario, D. Rose, J. Richardson, J. Crawford, P. Millsap, T. Parker, R. Lopez, L. Odom): This guy played out of his mind once Kevin Martin left the town of Sacs, even as ‘Reke had his ROY stats. There’s a good chance he’ll come back to earth this season, but the naked truth of the matter is that Udrih doesn’t have much competition at the PG spot besides Evans, who should start at SG on most nights. If Udrih continues his roll from last year, he could offer solid shooting, 14/3/6 along with 1+ steals and about a three per game. If he slows down, you shake your head and take comfort in knowing your logic behind this pick was sound.

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