2010-11 Fantasy basketball mock draft w/ Weakside Help: Round 13

146. Jarrett Jack (joins L. James, B. Roy, C. Billups, J. Noah, K. Love, L. Deng, R. Lewis, T. Splitter, B. Gordon, J. Flynn, D. Favors, Ken. Martin): Jack was a very valuable fantasy find for much of 2009-10. He’ll come off the bench behind Jose Calderon, but JC hasn’t shown that he’s capable of holding off Jack, who will still manage to play 25 minutes a night. He’s a solid all-around dude who will blow up if Calderon ever goes down with another injury. By the way, Jack hasn’t missed a game in three straight seasons, and has only missed six games in his five-year career, so…he’s got that going for him.

147. James Harden (joins C. Paul, C. Bosh, J. Johnson, R. Gay, Mo Williams, C. Kaman, G. Arenas, A. Bynum, A. Kirilenko, S. Dalembert, A. Morrow, C. Delfino): Harden had himself a decent rookie campaign and is on the cusp of being part of the Thunder’s core that includes Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Jeff Green. He hits threes and racks up steals and should get more minutes at SG this season. (How Thabo Sefolosha continues to start is beyond me — he’s a shorter version of Jason Collins.)  Harden’s FG% leaves something to be desired but his potential for improvement trumps that.

148. Darko Milicic (joins D. Nowitzki, J. Kidd, A. Iguodala, A. Jamison, A. Brooks, M. Beasley, V. Carter, Y. Ming, D. Cousins, W. Chandler, E. Okafor, D. Gooden): Go ahead, let it out — the eye rolling, groans, scoffs, laughter, tears — I’m with you. I was ecstatic when I read last season that Darko was leaning toward leaving the NBA for European courts this fall. Then David Kahn and $20 million happened. All his comments aside, Kahn has clearly made a commitment to growing the human cigar into a tall, prodigious tobacco plant. That said, there’s actually a lot of promise for Milicic this season. Al Jefferson is out of town, which opens up the starting C spot and plenty of minutes there for the big man, who could approach 30+ minutes a game and averages of 11/7.5, 1+ steals and 2+ blocks in 2010-11. And hey, if that doesn’t excite you, how about the possibility of a vengeful Yugoslavian gangster wreaking havoc on the hardwood? If LeBron is keeping a list of naughty people, Darko’s has to be three, maybe four times as long.

149. Shawn Marion (joins K. Bryant, A. Jefferson, M. Ellis, M. Gasol, R. Felton, L. Scola, R. Allen, L. Barbosa, C. Maggette, G. Monroe, R. Artest, R. Brewer): He’s a quarter of the fantasy player he once was but a Marion who shoots 50 percent from the floor, 80 percent from the line and notches a combo of 2+ steals and blocks every night is still worth a roster spot.

150. Reggie Williams (joins D. Granger, J. Smith, N. Hilario, D. Rose, J. Richardson, J. Crawford, P. Millsap, T. Parker, R. Lopez, L. Odom, B. Udrih, W. Johnson): I have a soft spot for Williams, who helped one of my squads win a championship last season. While he probably won’t begin this season as a starter, it’s hard to believe that his stellar play in 2009-10, in addition to his strong showing in the Summer League, won’t put him in the fickle-yet-good graces of coach Don Nelson — at least for spells of the season. Williams is a straight-up beast when he gets 30+ minutes and with fewer offensive talents in Oakland this year, using a last pick on him seems pretty savvy.

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