2010-11 Fantasy basketball mock draft w/ Weakside Help: Round 13

Darko Milicic

You didn't think you'd escape the wrath of Darko, did you? (Jim Mone/AP)

I can hardly bring myself to believe or face the sad, heavy fact that this mock-drafting partnership is finally on its last leg. It’s been a wild ride and the end result is a list of 12 teams that make me feel like everyone from Laurence Fishburne to this guy’s mom.

While part of me is tempted to loosen my belt and indulge the desire in me to cruise through this round (and irritate the hell out of Henry by picking T-Mac), there’s still enough talent at this end of the draft to keep me on my toes. When I got all the way down to No. 156, I found myself having an incredibly difficult time choosing between six or seven players.

It’s also interesting to look at this draft after the big four-team deal that went down a few days ago. Obviously, guys like Troy Murphy and Darren Collison would’ve been picked elsewhere, but that’s a dose of reality for you.

Before the draft goes Kaiser Soze on us, I’d just like to tip my hat to Henry at Weakside Help again for getting this shindig started. It’s been an educational and entertaining venture, and I look forward to reading his retrospection on our draft.

If, by some exceedingly evil reason, you are just joining us, I’ll offer my forgiveness if you catch up with round oneround tworound threeround fourround fiveround sixround sevenround eightround nineround 10, round 11 and round 12.

Without further ado, I present to you lucky round 13:

145. Richard Hamilton (joins K. Durant, T. Evans, A. Horford, P. Pierce, M. Camby, J. Terry, M. Thornton, T. Thomas, Ge. Hill, S. Ibaka, A. Biedrins, B. Haywood): Rip was actually fairly good when he played for the depleted Pistons last season, but that doesn’t make this pick any less ambivalent. He’s in for a timeshare with Ben Gordon but Hamilton is still capable of getting hot every now and then. If anything, he helps this squad’s FT% and gives them an always-coveted masked man. All this with the prospect that he’ll get dealt to a team more conducive to his fantasy value makes Hamilton a bearable selection this late in the draft.

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