Fantasy Friday: Dirk Nowitzki vs. Kristen Stewart (poll)

Dirk Nowitzki, Kristen Stewart

Stop yawning -- we haven't even started yet. (Keith Allison, katewilliams94/Flickr)

The week is finally over, which means it’s time for another edition of Fantasy Friday.

So far the ladies are kicking some serious arse: Jessica Alba edged out Dwyane Wade in our inaugural matchup, and Jessica Biel completely outmuscled  Dwight Howard last week.

Maybe it’s time to tone things down a bit, and what better way to do that than to stick two lively firecrackers into the ring: Dirk Nowitzki vs. Kristen Stewart.

The parallels between these two go beyond their luscious locks — they delve into the deep recesses of their colorless, unflinching, unsmiling souls.

So what is their common ground? Let’s find out by discussing Ms. Stewart, with parallels to Nowitzki [in brackets].

Kristen [Diggler] has managed to lock herself into the realm of the Hollywood elite [fantasy elite] by tagging along for the ride that is “Twilight.” What people may overlook is that she’s had a productive (albeit, mildly successful overall) career [ditto] since her first film in 1999. The problem is that her demeanor is so steady and, dare I say, boring [his play is so insipidly consistent], that it sometimes overshadows her good looks [good stats]. After all, Ms. Stewart is known to smile only when pink moons cross paths with purple suns while a werevampire weeps under a double rainbow — or, never. Does she have the goods to be placed among the higher ranks of the prized young ladies in Hollywood [upper echelon of fantasy drafts]? Sure. Does her boring disposition [less-than excitable lines] make it easy to confidently say that [take him at No. 4 overall]? Nope. Alas, this is the rub that is Kristen Stewart.

All that to say both Ms. Stewart and Dirk are boring, though they each have their appeal. So the question is, Which is more exciting: taking Dirk at No. 4 overall, or taking Kristen Stewart out on a date? Vote in the poll below and let us hear your thoughts in the comments section.