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We finally pulled off our mock draft on Thursday evening, and I’m happy to say that it was privileged enough to receive the attendance of many of my favorite fantasy basketball bloggers. Here’s the cast:

- Justin from Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog (Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog)
- Patrick from Give Me The Rock (GMTR_Patrick)
- Doneycat from Tale of 9 Cats (Doneycat)
- Tippy from Fantasy Basketball Daily (supposedly “ended up” with the automatically
generated “Fantasy god”)
- Henry from Weakside Help (Weakside Help)
- Eugene, my good friend and fantasy basketball nemesis (ec236)
- West, a reader who seems to have missed the draft; next time!
- Boogerboys, an unknown participant who was on autoselect until round eight
- drafting hungover, another unknown entrant

While I don’t like leagues that are any smaller than 12 teams (too shallow, too much parity between teams, don’t get to utilize the depths of your fantasy knowledge), there wasn’t any other choice at the time slot we drafted in. No matter: the fantastic company made it easy to forget the size of our draft.

Without further ado, here’s a quick and dirty recap of our mock draft (nine categories, head-to-head), with round-by-round analysis. (Henry already posted his analysis at Weakside Help.) Especially admirable picks are in green, while questionable picks are in red. (Picks made on autoselect were exempt from color-coded and written judgment.) I’ve also decided to include the pick times for each pick, in case anyone was interested. (The average pick time was 19.2 seconds, for all you fellow inquiring nerds out there.)

Round 1:

Pick Team Player Pick Time
1 West Durant, Kevin AutoSelect
2 Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog James, LeBron 6s
3 Boogerboys Paul, Chris AutoSelect
4 GMTR_Patrick Gasol, Pau 12s
5 drafting hungover Nowitzki, Dirk 27s
6 ec236 Bryant, Kobe 10s
7 Fantasy god Williams, Deron 15s
8 Doneycat Howard, Dwight 27s
9 Weakside Help Curry, Stephen 14s
10 fBasketballBlog Wade, Dwyane 10s

First-round comments: Gasol at No. 4 overall? Yeah, it’s a reach according to just about every set of rankings out there, but he is a C-eligible stud and getting that position filled this early saves you from potential scrambling down the line. Other than that, the rest of this round went almost as scripted, though it was a bit surprising to see Wade fall to me at No. 10.

Round 2:

Pick Team Player Pick Time
11 fBasketballBlog Granger, Danny 17s
12 Weakside Help Lee, David 13s
13 Doneycat Wallace, Gerald 12s
14 Fantasy god Anthony, Carmelo 13s
15 ec236 Lopez, Brook 15s
16 drafting hungover Nash, Steve 7s
17 GMTR_Patrick Stoudemire, Amar’e 31s
18 Boogerboys Roy, Brandon AutoSelect
19 Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog Evans, Tyreke 14s
20 West Rondo, Rajon AutoSelect

Second-round comments: While I understand why Granger would fall out of the first round, especially in a 10-team draft, it was still exciting to see him fall to me at No. 11 overall. He has top five potential, but his health does concern me. Still, knowing that I wouldn’t have to live with the fact that he was my first pick helps from a psychological standpoint. Melo at No. 14 still seems a tad bit of a reach to me, but I know I could be in the minority there. Patrick just filled up the two starting C spots required by the league’s settings with two studs — huge. Evans at No. 19 is a huge reach, given that this is a nine-cat league. The only reason to pick him this high is if you think he’ll take a huge step forward in his sophomore campaign, which doesn’t seem likely given his lack of threes, turnovers and pedestrian free-throw shooting.

Round 3:

Pick Team Player Pick Time
21 West Bosh, Chris AutoSelect
22 Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog Kidd, Jason 12s
23 Boogerboys Smith, Josh AutoSelect
24 GMTR_Patrick Billups, Chauncey 16s
25 drafting hungover Johnson, Joe 30s
26 ec236 Westbrook, Russell 10s
27 Fantasy god Ellis, Monta 46s
28 Doneycat Iguodala, Andre 15s
29 Weakside Help Bargnani, Andrea 7s
30 fBasketballBlog Horford, Al 14s

Third-round comments: I was a bit surprised that J-Smoove fell out of the top 20, but so be it. Westbrook anywhere north of the fifth round is a gamble, given his poor FG%, lack of threes and frequent turnovers. Nevertheless, I understand his appeal and potential. Doneycat appears to have the early leg up on steals and blocks with AI9 joining G-Wall and D-Ho, while Weakside Help appears to have the makings of a strong small-ball team with Curry, Lee and now Bargnani manning his first three spots. Meanwhile, Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog (LJFBB from here on out) appears to be gunning for across-the-board dominance with LBJ, ‘Reke and Kidd. I was elated to get Horford at No. 30.

Round 4:

Pick Team Player Pick Time
31 fBasketballBlog Boozer, Carlos AutoSelect
32 Weakside Help Jackson, Stephen 33s
33 Doneycat Murphy, Troy 43s
34 Fantasy god Duncan, Tim 7s
35 ec236 Bogut, Andrew 16s
36 drafting hungover Rose, Derrick 15s
37 GMTR_Patrick Jefferson, Al 7s
38 Boogerboys Pierce, Paul AutoSelect
39 Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog West, David 6s
40 West Gay, Rudy AutoSelect

Fourth-round comments: Let the record show that I slotted in Booze in my predraft list and mistakenly pressed “autoselect” (new draft interface = some getting used to). While I’m not the biggest Boozer fan this season, I was glad to have him shore up my frontcourt with Horford and Granger. Murphy at No. 33 might have been acceptable before he landed in New Jersey, but I just have a hard time thinking he won’t take a step back with Lopez gobbling up rebounds and a potential timeshare with Derrick Favors on some nights. Bogut could make sense at No. 36 eventually, but with reports that his elbow is still touch-and-go makes that a very risky pick. Rose, like Westbrook, just has too many weaknesses to warrant anything earlier than a sixth-round pick, though I’ll grant that it’s quite possible that his offseason work on his defense and three-point shooting could translate into a fantasy surge this season. Patrick just keeps on bulking up that sexy frontcourt here with Jefferson, who somehow fell to No. 37, making him a huge steal.

Round 5:

Pick Team Player Pick Time
41 West Jamison, Antawn AutoSelect
42 Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog Gasol, Marc 20s
43 Boogerboys Hilario, Nene AutoSelect
44 GMTR_Patrick Williams, Mo 7s
45 drafting hungover Randolph, Zach 17s
46 ec236 Love, Kevin 38s
47 Fantasy god Noah, Joakim 15s
48 Doneycat Collison, Darren 10s
49 Weakside Help Felton, Raymond 10s
50 fBasketballBlog Gallinari, Danilo 19s

Fifth-round comments: It’ll be interesting to see how Noah meshes with Boozer, but I don’t have too big a problem seeing him go in the top 50, especially given that he’s one of the few remaining true centers left on the board — I just think there are other lower-risk big men left for the picking. I really dig the Collison pick for two reasons: 1) I think going in the late 40s is a solid, if not slightly conservative, valuation of his fantasy goodness this season, and 2) it shows some restraint on everyone’s part to have him fall this “late.” I can picture Collison being grabbed in the 30s of many drafts, but taking him around this neck of the woods seems much more prudent. Gallo at No. 50 is an absolute steal, in my estimation. If he stays healthy, I see him finishing with top 30 value this season, with Stoudemire and Felton really opening things up for him.

Round 6:

Pick Team Player Pick Time
51 fBasketballBlog Turkoglu, Hedo 37s
52 Weakside Help Mayo, O.J. 24s
53 Doneycat Garnett, Kevin 41s
54 Fantasy god Aldridge, LaMarcus 24s
55 ec236 Martin, Kevin 5s
56 drafting hungover Harris, Devin 56s
57 GMTR_Patrick Richardson, Jason AutoSelect
58 Boogerboys Ginobili, Manu AutoSelect
59 Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog Camby, Marcus 13s
60 West Wall, John AutoSelect

Sixth-round comments: While I think it’s bullish, I’m down with taking Turk at No. 51. He should thrive in Phoenix and might have a shot at finishing in the top 40 this season. KG at No. 53 is optimistically accurate, despite whatever health concerns he brings. Aldridge at No. 54, however, is a bit high for my tastes, given his inconsistency when Oden was in the lineup for the first 21 games of 2009-10. Martin continues to fly under the radar, and should have an easy time returning the value of his No. 55 pick here, especially with Ariza out of Houston. This is where Patrick had to pull a LeBron and leave us before finishing the task at hand to tend to his one-month-old (congrats again!), but he set a very solid foundation (Gasol, Stoudemire, Billups, Jefferson, Mo Williams) for his squad. Camby at No. 59 is great, especially since that valuation seems to take into account whatever risk Oden’s return poses to his value.

Round 7:

Pick Team Player Pick Time
61 West Davis, Baron AutoSelect
62 Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog Blatche, Andray 4s
63 Boogerboys Butler, Caron AutoSelect
64 GMTR_Patrick Crawford, Jamal AutoSelect
65 drafting hungover Jennings, Brandon 27s
66 ec236 Lewis, Rashard 3s
67 Fantasy god Deng, Luol 46s
68 Doneycat Salmons, John 12s
69 Weakside Help Ming, Yao 18s
70 fBasketballBlog Brooks, Aaron 31s

Seventh-round comments: Blatche and Jennings will go around here in most drafts this season, though both pick positions are a bit optimistic for my tastes. Yao at No. 69 would be around the absolute earliest I’d take him, but if he plays even three-quarters of the season, he’ll put up top 50 averages with no problem. Brooks at No. 70 seems straight-up silly to me, since he’ll have a real shot at notching top 40 status this season — but maybe I’m biased.

Round 8:

Pick Team Player Pick Time
71 fBasketballBlog Randolph, Anthony 4s
72 Weakside Help Griffin, Blake 14s
73 Doneycat Morrow, Anthony 14s
74 Fantasy god Arenas, Gilbert 42s
75 ec236 Gordon, Eric Predrafted
76 drafting hungover Bynum, Andrew 27s
77 GMTR_Patrick Millsap, Paul AutoSelect
78 Boogerboys Ariza, Trevor 22s
79 Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog Thornton, Marcus 18s
80 West Terry, Jason AutoSelect

Eighth-round comments: This was a near-perfect place to take Randolph. Henry takes on two consecutive giant question marks in Yao and Griffin, but they should pay off for the most part. Bravo for him for taking the “Biggest Testicular Fortitude” award for this mock draft. Morrow at No. 73 is perfect. Arenas at No. 74 is great fun — I think he’s the most fun gamble this season and I’m in the camp that thinks he’ll surprise rather than disappoint. I dig Gordon at No. 75, and in a perfect, injury-free world I’d feel the same for Bynum at No. 76, but this is indeed a world that is far from perfect and riddles with injuries. I’d recommend waiting for Bynum to drop to the late 80s and into the 90s in most drafts. Thornton at No. 79? Grand larceny.

Round 9:

Pick Team Player Pick Time
81 West Green, Jeff AutoSelect
82 Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog Scola, Luis 12s
83 Boogerboys Hibbert, Roy 30s
84 GMTR_Patrick Nelson, Jameer AutoSelect
85 drafting hungover Kaman, Chris 13s
86 ec236 Carter, Vince AutoSelect
87 Fantasy god Parker, Tony 26s
88 Doneycat Landry, Carl 8s
89 Weakside Help Lopez, Robin 15s
90 fBasketballBlog Hickson, J.J. 36s

Ninth-round comments: I’d still take Kaman over Hibbert 10 out of 10 times, but I understand the reasons why others would disagree. I absolutely despise TP (a nickname that I think is the most apt for him in fantasy terms) anywhere before the 10th round. Lopez at No. 89 frustrated me since I was licking my chops at the prospect of him falling to me just one pick later. (Good one, Henry.) I’m OK with Hickson at No. 90, though I foresee a healthy portion of inconsistency from him.

Round 10:

Pick Team Player Pick Time
91 fBasketballBlog Stuckey, Rodney 49s
92 Weakside Help Barbosa, Leandro 6s
93 Doneycat Cousins, DeMarcus 30s
94 Fantasy god Brand, Elton 53s
95 ec236 Harrington, Al 8s
96 drafting hungover Allen, Ray 33s
97 GMTR_Patrick Frye, Channing AutoSelect
98 Boogerboys McGee, JaVale 37s
99 Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog Miller, Andre 8s
100 West Holiday, Jrue AutoSelect

Tenth-round comments: I hated my pick here. It took me a full 49 seconds to finally close my eyes and swallow the pill that is Stuckey. Don’t get me wrong — he’s worth No. 91 overall, but there were a bevy of other sexier picks that I wish I had gone with instead, especially since I’m still skinny at the C spot at this point. So when Doneycat took Cousins (whom I like this season) at No. 93, I slapped myself on the forehead. Allen at No. 96 could be a huge steal. Yeah, he’s getting older, but we all know that shooters have good longevity in real life and fantasy land. McGee at No. 98 is understandable, but I just can’t see him taking the enormous step forward that so many are expecting — way too much inconsistency in the cards, methinks. But with his incredible blocking abilities, I can’t say too many bad things about that pick.

Round 11:

Pick Team Player Pick Time
101 West Turner, Evan AutoSelect
102 Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog Williams, Reggie 17s
103 Boogerboys Williams, Terrence 17s
104 GMTR_Patrick Calderon, Jose AutoSelect
105 drafting hungover Gordon, Ben 24s
106 ec236 Okur, Mehmet 47s
107 Fantasy god Biedrins, Andris 27s
108 Doneycat Childress, Josh 13s
109 Weakside Help Thomas, Tyrus 4s
110 fBasketballBlog Dalembert, Samuel 8s

Eleventh-round comments: Williams should have no trouble returning top 75 value, so that was a very savvy pick by LJFBB. Gordon does hold a lot of promise, but with an ankle that still isn’t fully healed and T-Mac around to eat into minutes at SG, I’d try to avoid him at all costs. Biedrins, Childress and Thomas are all peachy keen at this stage. I was relieved to grab Dalembert at No. 110 to plug up my second C spot. He’ll surprise owners in Sacramento this season, especially since they’re ready to unleash a faster offense.

Round 12:

Pick Team Player Pick Time
111 fBasketballBlog Kirilenko, Andrei 22s
112 Weakside Help Hill, George 7s
113 Doneycat Chandler, Tyson 59s
114 Fantasy god Okafor, Emeka 6s
115 ec236 Odom, Lamar 5s
116 drafting hungover Favors, Derrick 6s
117 GMTR_Patrick Diaw, Boris AutoSelect
118 Boogerboys Varejao, Anderson 21s
119 Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog Beasley, Michael 17s
120 West Maggette, Corey AutoSelect

Twelfth-round comments: AK-47 has a lot going for him this season, and though I expect him to miss at least 15 games this season, I have no qualms with taking his talents here. Hill was a great pickup here for Weakside Help, as was Varejao for Boogerboys. Not much to roll your eyes at here.

Round 13:

Pick Team Player Pick Time
121 West Smith, J.R. AutoSelect
122 Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog Augustin, D.J. 15s
123 Boogerboys Splitter, Tiago 5s
124 GMTR_Patrick Thompson, Jason AutoSelect
125 drafting hungover Oden, Greg 30s
126 ec236 Haywood, Brendan 12s
127 Fantasy god Marion, Shawn 21s
128 Doneycat Kleiza, Linas 4s
129 Weakside Help Ibaka, Serge 8s
130 fBasketballBlog Miller, Mike 34s

Thirteenth-round comments: Augustin could be a winner here, though I still think Shaun Livingston has a really good shot at winning the starting PG gig in Charlotte. Taking Oden at No. 125 overall seems about right to me, and he could end up giving the best return on investment of the entire draft. Kleiza at No. 128 might be my favorite pick of the draft. He’s one of my favorite sleepers this season and should get plenty of minutes in a weak Raptors SF spot. Ibaka is a rock-solid take at No. 129, as he should continue to roll with blocks and a potential starting gig. Miller at No. 130 boggles my biased mind. He could be a top three three-point maker this season in Miami, so it was no-brainer to take him here. I used up 34 seconds to give me more time for my next pick.

Round 14:

Pick Team Player Pick Time
131 fBasketballBlog Udrih, Beno 50s
132 Weakside Help Azubuike, Kelenna 7s
133 Doneycat Batum, Nicolas 47s
134 Fantasy god Chandler, Wilson 10s
135 ec236 Beaubois, Rodrigue 36s
136 drafting hungover Casspi, Omri 8s
137 GMTR_Patrick Artest, Ron AutoSelect
138 Boogerboys Williams, Louis 52s
139 Life is Just a Fantasy … Basketball Blog Monroe, Greg 8s
140 West Hawes, Spencer AutoSelect

Fourteenth-round comments: Urdih started and finished the season strong last season and he appears set to continue his role as the starting point guard in Sac-Town. I wouldn’t be surprised if he finished the season with top 70 value. Azubuike is a solid pick-and-wait option, and if his knee heals up well he’ll be a good pick here. Chandler is a solid selection here because of Azubuike’s continued rehab, though he stands to lose value as the season wears on. Monroe is intriguing this season, which makes him an ideal last-round pick.


West LJFBB Boogerboys
Player Acquired Player Acquired Player Acquired
G Rajon Rondo R2 P10 G Tyreke Evans R2 P9 G Chris Paul R1 P3
G John Wall R6 P10 G Jason Kidd R3 P2 G Brandon Roy R2 P8
G Baron Davis R7 P1 G Marcus Thornton R8 P9 G Paul Pierce R4 P8
G Jason Terry R8 P10 G Andre Miller R10 P9 G Manu Ginobili R6 P8
G Jrue Holiday R10 P10 G D.J. Augustin R13 P2 G Louis Williams R14 P8
G Evan Turner R11 P1 F LeBron James R1 P2 F Josh Smith R3 P3
G J.R. Smith R13 P1 F David West R4 P9 F Nene Hilario R5 P3
F Kevin Durant R1 P1 F Andray Blatche R7 P2 F Caron Butler R7 P3
F Chris Bosh R3 P1 F Luis Scola R9 P2 F Trevor Ariza R8 P8
F Rudy Gay R4 P10 F Reggie Williams R11 P2 F Terrence Williams R11 P3
F Antawn Jamison R5 P1 F Michael Beasley R12 P9 F Anderson Varejao R12 P8
F Jeff Green R9 P1 F Greg Monroe R14 P9 F Tiago Splitter R13 P3
F Corey Maggette R12 P10 C Marc Gasol R5 P2 C Roy Hibbert R9 P3
C Spencer Hawes R14 P10 C Marcus Camby R6 P9 C JaVale McGee R10 P8
GMTR_Patrick drafting hungover ec236
Player Acquired Player Acquired Player Acquired
G Chauncey Billups R3 P4 G Steve Nash R2 P6 G Kobe Bryant R1 P6
G Mo Williams R5 P4 G Joe Johnson R3 P5 G Russell Westbrook R3 P6
G Jason Richardson R6 P7 G Derrick Rose R4 P6 G Kevin Martin R6 P5
G Jamal Crawford R7 P4 G Devin Harris R6 P6 G Eric Gordon R8 P5
G Jameer Nelson R9 P4 G Brandon Jennings R7 P5 G Vince Carter R9 P6
G Jose Calderon R11 P4 G Ray Allen R10 P6 G Rodrigue Beaubois R14 P5
F Pau Gasol R1 P4 G Ben Gordon R11 P5 F Brook Lopez R2 P5
F Amar’e Stoudemire R2 P7 F Dirk Nowitzki R1 P5 F Kevin Love R5 P6
F Al Jefferson R4 P7 F Zach Randolph R5 P5 F Rashard Lewis R7 P6
F Paul Millsap R8 P7 F Derrick Favors R12 P6 F Al Harrington R10 P5
F Channing Frye R10 P7 F Omri Casspi R14 P6 F Lamar Odom R12 P5
F Boris Diaw R12 P7 C Andrew Bynum R8 P6 C Andrew Bogut R4 P5
F Jason Thompson R13 P4 C Chris Kaman R9 P5 C Mehmet Okur R11 P6
F Ron Artest R14 P7 C Greg Oden R13 P5 C Brendan Haywood R13 P6
Fantasy god Doneycat Weakside Help
Player Acquired Player Acquired Player Acquired
G Deron Williams R1 P7 G Andre Iguodala R3 P8 G Stephen Curry R1 P9
G Monta Ellis R3 P7 G Darren Collison R5 P8 G Stephen Jackson R4 P2
G Gilbert Arenas R8 P4 G John Salmons R7 P8 G Raymond Felton R5 P9
G Tony Parker R9 P7 G Anthony Morrow R8 P3 G O.J. Mayo R6 P2
F Carmelo Anthony R2 P4 G Nicolas Batum R14 P3 G Leandro Barbosa R10 P2
F Tim Duncan R4 P4 F Gerald Wallace R2 P3 G George Hill R12 P2
F Joakim Noah R5 P7 F Troy Murphy R4 P3 G Kelenna Azubuike R14 P2
F LaMarcus Aldridge R6 P4 F Kevin Garnett R6 P3 F David Lee R2 P2
F Luol Deng R7 P7 F Carl Landry R9 P8 F Andrea Bargnani R3 P9
F Elton Brand R10 P4 F DeMarcus Cousins R10 P3 F Blake Griffin R8 P2
F Emeka Okafor R12 P4 F Josh Childress R11 P8 F Tyrus Thomas R11 P9
F Shawn Marion R13 P7 F Linas Kleiza R13 P8 C Yao Ming R7 P9
F Wilson Chandler R14 P4 C Dwight Howard R1 P8 C Robin Lopez R9 P9
C Andris Biedrins R11 P7 C Tyson Chandler R12 P3 C Serge Ibaka R13 P9
Player Acquired
G Dwyane Wade R1 P10
G Aaron Brooks R7 P10
G Rodney Stuckey R10 P1
G Mike Miller R13 P10
G Beno Udrih R14 P1
F Danny Granger R2 P1
F Al Horford R3 P10
F Carlos Boozer R4 P1
F Danilo Gallinari R5 P10
F Hedo Turkoglu R6 P1
F Anthony Randolph R8 P1
F J.J. Hickson R9 P10
F Andrei Kirilenko R12 P1
C Samuel Dalembert R11 P10

‘Twas an all-around jolly good time. I think I’m very competitive in threes, but took on one or two too many risks and could’ve bulked up my center position a bit better. Still, I’m satisfied with my mock draft and would be excited to see how my squad would stack up with the others here. While I think some of these final rosters are a bit healthier than others, I’ll leave it up to my readers to decide which final roster looks the strongest. Vote in the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Much thanks to Mock Draft Central for offering a spiffy mock-drafting platform to us fantasy basketball junkies. And nothing but the biggest fist bumps to my fantasy basketball buddies for turning up, offering some fun in-draft chatter and helping to make this a great mock draft. I’m looking forward to the next time we do this.

Until next time…

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