Fantasy Friday: Kevin Durant vs. Natalie Portman (poll)

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Kevin Durant and Natalie Portman

KD vs. Natalie P: Who ya got? (Marc Lecureuil/Getty Images for Nike, OLYCOM/bauergriffinonline.com)

Hurricane Earl be damned — it’s Friday and we’re on the cusp of Labor Day weekend, which means it’s time to bust out the big guns for this week’s edition of Fantasy Friday.

The ladies continued their winning streak last week as Jennifer Aniston edged out Danny Granger. This adds to the heap of victories for the gals, which includes Jessica Alba beating Dwyane Wade, Jessica Biel defeating Dwight Howard and Kristen Stewart vanquishing Dirk Nowitzki.

The men will have to do their best to notch their first win, so who better to take on that task than the projected king of fantasy basketball this season? It’s with great pride and hope — along with a fluttering heart — that I present to you this week’s matchup: Kevin Durant vs. Natalie Portman.

Both are among the best in their professions, and they do things the right way. Let’s continue an analysis of their similarities by discussing Ms. Portman’s career, with parallels to Durant [in brackets].

Natalie [KD] didn’t take long to bust out her undeniable star power with her role as Mathilda in “The Professional” [Texas]. Since then, she’s matured and developed into one of the most talented, alluring and respected actresses working in Hollywood today. Sure, she’s had to endure some low points, starring in such fine films as “Anywhere but Here,” “Where the Heart Is” and the “Star Wars” prequels [Seattle], but make no mistake — those movies weren’t bad because of her. Ms. Portman managed to do the best she could with those laughable scripts and came out undiminished. Let’s not forget that she’s also starred in some solid movies, like “Garden State,” “Closer” and “V for Vendetta” [OKC]. Ms. Portman is clearly one of the most talented and beautiful ladies gracing the silver screen [fantasy rosters] today, and has also proven to be one of the most versatile [ditto]. After all, who else can claim to have starred in a viral rap video and an artsy, foreign-language film (“Paris je t’aime”) in the same year? Despite her immense talent, she hasn’t drawn the attention that many of her peers have, mainly because she doesn’t make daily headlines with scandalous photos, certain types of tapes or trashy late-night behavior [bad decisions in Colorado, a weakness for guns or an hour-long televised decision]. One could easily (and justifiably) point out that despite winning accolades like a Golden Globe Award and a Saturn Award [Rookie of the Year Award, scoring title], she hasn’t won the big one yet: an Academy Award [an NBA championship]. Nevertheless, Ms. Portman is still young and it’s more than conceivable that she’ll win her share of laurels [MVP awards, rings, No. 1 overall fantasy statuses] in the many years to come. For now, we’re all just licking our chops for her next performance in “Black Swan” [2010-11 season].

What say ye? Who gets your blood pumping more: Kevin Durant at No. 1 in your fantasy drafts, or Natalie Portman in…anything (hearts included)?

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