2010-11 Fantasy basketball player rankings (Top 300)

Brian Scalabrine

If Scalabrine can win a championship, why can't you?

October is here and with training camp in full swing, it’s finally time to unveil my completely subjective list of the top 300 fantasy basketball players for 2010-11.

The link to the page of rankings will always be found at the top of this site.

The rankings are based on nine categories, and a link to the Google Spreadsheet version of the list is available. You can download it in several formats (PDF, HTML, CSV, etc.), and if you’d like to save your own editable copy of the online spreadsheet, just click on “File” then “Make a copy.” This will allow you to sort columns and edit cells to your heart’s content.

That’s pretty much it.

If you want other perspectives, I recommend taking a gander at the rankings offered by Give Me The Rock, busersports.com, MFBarkley and ESPN.com.