Fantasy Basketball Roundtable: Who are you selling high on?

Mike Dunleavy

This wallpaper won't be nearly as cool once Dunleavy's knee implodes again. (

This week’s Fantasy Basketball Roundtable is hosted over at Life is Just a Fantasy…Basketball Blog. The topic is: Who do you recommend selling high on, and who are some possible targets?

Here’s my take:

There are tons of possible answers to this one, but I’ll go with Mike Dunleavy. This is based on three reasons: 1) his value up until now has been helped by that wild game against Denver where he hit six three-pointers, and Dunleavy is now averaging a misleading 2.3 threes made per game through eight games; 2) Brandon Rush has already crossed coach Jim O’Brien’s mind as a player to replace Dunleavy with in the starting five, so a string of stinkers could dramatically dent Dunleavy’s minutes and chances of keeping his starting gig; and 3) his knee continues to be a ticking DNP-bomb. If I own Dunleavy and am looking to sell high, I’m targeting guys like D.J. Augustin, Andrei Kirilenko, Jrue Holiday, Al Jefferson, Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton and Luis Scola.