Vote: 2010-11 NBA Fantasy All-Stars

Vote or Die, Diddy

You heard -- or is it read? -- the man.

The NBA has opened up its ballots for this season’s NBA All-Stars, so why don’t we do the same for fantasy basketball?

Today we’re opening up a list of “ballots” for the “2010-11 NBA Fantasy All-Stars,” broken down by conferences and positions. Vote based on whatever you want — straight-up value so far this season, returns based on draft positions, or even completely subjective love or hatred for players. You get two votes for PG, SG, SF and PF, and one vote for C.

Official results will be posted on Jan. 27, the same day the NBA will officially announce the starters for the real-life 2010 All-Star Game. The link to the ballots will remain at the top of the site until then.

Listen to Diddy.

Vote now.