Fantasy Basketball 2010-11 Midseason Report Card

Wilson Chandler

How 'bout that Chandler. (

You’re finally getting used to typing “2011,” trade rumors are alive and all your fantasy teams are foundering (or, maybe that’s just me) — yep, it’s about the midpoint of the NBA regular season. This is a great opportunity to take a look back and forward, all in one post.

Players will be grouped by position and ranked based on their approximate Yahoo! average-based rankings so far this season. The first letter grade after each player’s name will be based on their performance thus far, in addition to how they’ve fallen short of, met or exceeded expectations; and the second grade will be based on their projected value for the second half of the season.

The full post is over at, but below is an abridged version of the Fantasy Basketball 2010-11 Midseason Report Card:

Point guards:

Chris Paul: A/A-

Deron Williams: A/A

Monta Ellis: A/A-

Raymond Felton: A/A-

Russell Westbrook: A/A

Derrick Rose: A/A-

Steve Nash: B+/B+

Rajon Rondo: B+/B+

Chauncey Billups: B/B-

Jason Kidd: B-/B-

Shooting guards:

Manu Ginobili: A/B+

Stephen Curry: B+/A-

Ray Allen: A/B+

Dwyane Wade: B/B+

Eric Gordon: A/A

Kevin Martin: A/B+

Kobe Bryant: C+/B

Jason Richardson: A-/A-

Arron Afflalo: A/A-

Landry Fields: A/B+

Small forwards:

Kevin Durant: A-/A

Rudy Gay: A+/A-

Paul Pierce: A/B+

LeBron James: B/A-

Wilson Chandler: A+/B+

Dorell Wright: A+/A-

Danny Granger: C+/B-

Danilo Gallinari: B+/A-

Andrei Kirilenko: A-/B-

Carmelo Anthony: C-/B+

Power forwards:

Dirk Nowitzki: A-/A

Pau Gasol: A/A-

Kevin Love: A+/A

Amar’e Stoudemire: A/A-

Kevin Garnett: A/B+

Paul Millsap: A-/A-

Josh Smith: B+/B+

Elton Brand: A/B+

LaMarcus Aldridge: A/A

Tim Duncan: A-/B


Al Horford: A/A-

Joakim Noah: A-/B+

Al Jefferson: B+/B+

Nene: A-/A-

Marcus Camby: A-/D

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