2010-11 Fantasy week 14 preview

  • Shaquille O’Neal (hip): day-to-day
  • Ramon Sessions (abdomen): strain forced him to leave Saturday’s game; check his status
  • Charlie Villanueva (ankle): day-to-day
  • Dwyane Wade (migraine): didn’t play Saturday, has plenty of time to rest; check his status
  • Mike Miller (thumb): damaged ligaments in his thumb won’t fully heal until after the season
  • John Salmons (hip): day-to-day
  • Drew Gooden (foot): plantar fasciitis part 23
  • Francisco Garcia (calf): aggravated it in Thursday’s practice, out at least until this Thursday
  • George Hill (thumb): coach Gregg Popovich says Hill “could be out for a while”
  • Joey Dorsey (knee): day-to-day
  • Linas Kleiza (knee): ditto
  • Kirk Hinrich (elbow): day-to-day
  • Francisco Elson (quad): day-to-day
  • Andre Miller (gastroenteritis): check his status
  • Eric Gordon (back, hand): monitor his status

Stock watch:

↑ Eric Gordon: very underappreciated this season, doing everything well lately, especially hitting threes

↑ Andre Iguodala: seems to be back on track, putting up solid all-around numbers, though his FT% still stinks

↑ Boris Diaw: coming off a strong week, will have at least another two months of good opportunities, thanks to Tyrus Thomas’ absence

↑ Andray Blatche: finally looking like the guy we expected him to be after last season, getting good steals and blocks

↑ Nick Young: besides Saturday night’s disaster, shooting the lights out lately and will only benefit from Spock’s injury

↓ Aaron Brooks: still nailed to the bench, can’t seem to find a groove; good buy-low candidate

↓ Jamal Crawford: consistency avoids him like the plague lately

↓ Raymond Felton: he could be burning out

↓ Wilson Chandler: jerked around in the Knicks’ lineup, has looked very shaky in parts of this month

↓ Paul Millsap: early-season magic has worn off, looks mostly pedestrian lately

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