2010-11 NBA Fantasy All-Stars: Voting Results

Yao Ming

There shall be no Yao Ming here. (Flickr/Keith Allison)

Now that the NBA has announced its All-Star starters for 2010-11, it’s our turn. In case you missed it, back in late December we posted our “ballots” for the 2010-11 NBA fantasy All-Stars. The idea behind this was, “If the NBA can have us vote on each season’s All-Stars, why can’t we do the same for fantasy basketball?” Well, the people have spoken.

It’s clear that some players earned the most votes based purely on their straight-up values so far this season. In other cases, the reasons were a bit less obvious. Some races were close, others were blowouts. Below is a rundown of the results, along with my own votes and brief comments.

Eastern Conference starters (number/percent of votes for each position)

PG: Derrick Rose (71/37%)

My vote: Raymond Felton

Comments: There are three main reasons to vote for a player to be a fantasy All-Star: 1) he boasts the best averages so far; 2) he has offered the biggest returns based on his average draft position; or 3) you just plain like him. For me, Felton fulfills criteria Nos. 1 and 2. Yes, he’s slowed down a lot lately and looks like he’s burning out, but based on what he’s done so far in 2010-11, and based on the fact that he’s offered top-20 value despite being drafted around No. 60 overall (this and all other referenced average draft positions are according to Yahoo), Felton is a no-brainer for me. Rose is right there with him, but the tie-breaker is Rose was picked in the third round of most drafts and is offering top-20 value, a feat that isn’t as surprising as Felton’s. But hey, Rose is finally nailing threes, so who am I to rain on that parade?

SG: Dwyane Wade (82/43%)

My vote: Ray Allen

Comments: Wade has produced top-20 numbers so far, which falls far short of his average draft position of 6.0. But I have no qualms with having him win the race here. I’m picking Allen simply because he was supposed to be showing signs of atrophy this season. Instead, he’s improved upon six of the nine major statistical categories counted in fantasy leagues and has been a top-25 fantasy stud so far in 2010-11. Case closed.

SF: LeBron James (95/50%)

My vote: Paul Pierce

Comments: I’m a bit surprised to see James get so many votes here, not just because he’s been a bit of a disappointment, but also because he’s just not as likable as he once was. I’m fine with James here — after all, he’s averaging around 26/7/7. The reason I’d choose Pierce is because of his stunning averages so far. He has improved his scoring, field-goal percentage, rebounding, assists, turnovers and, by smaller margins, his blocks and free-throw percentage. All this has placed him among the top 15 fantasy players in the land thus far this season, which is pretty elite air. I was never a fan of Pierce for fantasy purposes, but I can’t deny his stellar play.

PF:  Josh Smith (64/34%)

My vote: Kevin Garnett

Comments: This was probably the most bewildering result to me. Yeah, Smith started out with a roar, but he’s since tapered off and has underperformed his average draft position (17.2) by putting up top-30 numbers so far this season. Smith’s bread and butter — his steals and blocks — have both dipped from their 2009-10 marks. Garnett should be the winner here. He’s taken a gulp from the fountain of youth, has his knee back and is averaging top-12 numbers. If that doesn’t convince you, maybe this will.

C: Amar’e Stoudemire (61/54%)

My vote: Al Horford

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