2010-11 NBA Fantasy All-Stars: Voting Results

Comments: Stoudemire has proven his doubters wrong. He doesn’t need Steve Nash, he can rebound (on most nights) and he can really block shots (2.3 per game, tied for third in the NBA). So I don’t have a problem with this pick. I’d vote for Horford simply because he’s putting up slightly better value overall and was drafted nearly 1.5 rounds after Stoudemire.

Reserves (the second highest vote-getters at each position): Raymond Felton (57/29%), Ray Allen (35/18%), Paul Pierce (50/26%), Wilson Chandler (41/22%), Dwight Howard (28/25%)

Western Conference starters (number/percent of votes for each position)

PG: Chris Paul (61/36%)

My vote: Russell Westbrook

Comments: CP3 is the No. 1 overall fantasy player right now based on averages, so it’s not surprising at all to see him get the most votes here. I’m going with Westbrook because he’s far outperforming his average draft position of 35.6. Westbrook is putting up top-20 averages so far and has improved on his shooting from the field (a big weakness in his first two seasons in the NBA) and free-throw line, his rebounding, assists, steals and scoring from last season’s marks. The one downside is that he’s turning the ball over an insane 3.8 times per game (third worst in the league), but we knew that was one of his weaknesses coming into the season. I was a Westbrook doubter this fall, but he’s making me look a fool right now — maybe that’s the main reason I’m giving him my vote.

SG: Manu Ginobili/Monta Ellis (tied: 50/31% each)

My vote: Manu Ginobili

Comments: This was our only tie, and it’s understandable — both of these guys manage to put up exciting fantasy numbers on nearly every night they’re on the court, and despite their reputations for DNPs, both Ginobili and Ellis have managed to rack up a total of exactly zero DNPs so far this season. I’m voting for Batman because he’s averaging better numbers (top-five numbers, in fact) so far this season and he was drafted at around No. 39 overall. Ellis, on the other hand, is averaging slightly inferior numbers (top-15, which isn’t shabby) but was drafted at an average of No. 29 overall. There’s also the “Robert Downey Jr./’Iron Man’” factor here: We always knew Ginobili had the talent to be a fantasy stud — he just couldn’t stay healthy enough or play enough minutes to realize that potential. Well, 2010-11 arrived and so far, it has proven to be the perfect situation for Ginobili: health, a steady starting gig, a faster offense and a superstar teammate in decline. This season is his “Iron Man.”

SF: Kevin Durant (74/45%)

My vote: Dorell Wright

Comments: KD is doing his thing and that’s fine and dandy, but Wright has blindsided the fantasy basketball world this season. He wasn’t drafted in most leagues but has managed to rise up and produce averages good enough to rank him at No. 16 overall so far this season. If that isn’t a feel-good story, I don’t know what is. Wright gets my Amar’e nod of approval.

PF:  Kevin Love (76/46%)

My vote: Kevin Love

Comments: If you disagree here, I have nothing to say to you. Love was taken around No. 42 in drafts this fall and has feasted on the competition on his way to top-three value. The only thing he hasn’t done in 2010-11 is master the art of the high-five. Just give him time — Love will get the hang of it soon enough.

C: Pau Gasol (71/73%)

My vote: Pau Gasol

Comments: Gasol got the biggest share of votes of any of the starters in both conferences, and for good reason. The return of Andrew Bynum has been a bit of a downer for Gasol’s value, but he remains a player who does everything well. Just take a look at his averages so far in January: 17.8 points, 9.6 rebounds, 3.3 assists, one steal, 1.7 blocks and two turnovers per game. He’s also shooting 53 percent from the field and 86 percent from the charity stripe this month. The numbers and votes say it all.

Reserves (the second highest vote-getters at each position)Deron Williams (47/28%), Kobe Bryant (19/11%), Rudy Gay (42/25%), Dirk Nowitzki (51/31%), Serge Ibaka (9/9%)

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