Fantasy Basketball: Back to School for a Season That May Not Happen

DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus looks ready to head back to school. Are you? (NBA/Getty Images)

We’re on the cusp of Labor Day weekend, which means students who haven’t already started their new school year are now seeing their summer vacation quickly slipping away. If there’s any solace for students wincing at the thought of going back to school, it’s that they can rest assured that the 2011-12 school year is actually happening. While that may not be much of a comforting thought in and of itself, the start of a school year means graduation is closer than it was yesterday. Imagine if an entire school year were put on hold: While visions of an extended “summer break” are certainly enchanting, it would mean that students would commence their education a year older than they should be, and that graduating and heading off to that coveted next stage of life would be put on a maddening hold.

As students head back to school, we’re reminded that the NBA was supposed to be heading back to work soon. Nevertheless, a good fantasy owner is always prepared.

In light of back-to-school season, here’s a list of 50 players and the statistical categories they’ll need to improve on from last season’s marks in order to boost their fantasy values (which isn’t to say these players can actually improve these areas of their game in reality). Positions were considered when examining weak statistical categories – meaning that a lack of blocks from a point guard and a lack of threes from a center were ignored, for example.

Your homework assignment: memorize this list.

Arron Afflalo: Stl

Tony Allen: 3PTM, Ast

Gilbert Arenas: FG%

Trevor Ariza: FG%

D.J. Augustin: FG%, Stl

Andrea Bargnani: FG%, Reb, Blk

DeJuan Blair: FT%, Blk

Andrew Bogut: FT%

Carlos Boozer: Blk

DeMarcus Cousins: FG%, FT%, TO

Jordan Crawford: FG%

Ed Davis: FT%

Carlos Delfino: FG%

DeMar DeRozan: 3PTM, Ast

Tyreke Evans: FG%, TO

Channing Frye: FG%

Danilo Gallinari: FG%

Danny Granger: FG%

Blake Griffin: FT%, Blk

J.J. Hickson: Blk

Dwight Howard: FT%, TO

Andre Iguodala: FT%

Stephen Jackson: FG%, TO

LeBron James: FT%, TO

Brandon Jennings: FG%

Joe Johnson: Stl

DeAndre Jordan: FT%

Jason Kidd: FG%

David Lee: Blk

Kevin Love: Blk

JaVale McGee: FT%

Jodie Meeks: FG%, Ast

C.J. Miles: FG%

Andre Miller: 3PTM

Greg Monroe: FT%

Anthony Morrow: Ast, Stl

Steve Nash: Stl, TO

Emeka Okafor: FT%

Tony Parker: 3PTM

Zach Randolph: Blk

Rajon Rondo: FT%, 3PTM

John Salmons: FG%

Amar’e Stoudemire: TO

Rodney Stuckey: 3PTM, Ast

Jeff Teague: Ast

John Wall: FT%, TO

Russell Westbrook: 3PTM, TO

Lou Williams: FG%, Stl

Nick Young: Ast, Stl

Thaddeus Young: 3PTM, Ast, Blk

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