The NBA Lockout Is Over: What Does It Mean for Fantasy Basketball?

Gilbert Arenas and Hedo Turkoglu

One of these regrettable contracts will have a visit from Amnesty Clause. (Flickr/Keith Allison)


  • Amnesty clause: The labor deal includes an amnesty clause, which will allow each NBA team to rid itself of one player and wipe his salary from their cap. This means players with regrettable contracts will likely be cut from their current teams. Expect Baron Davis, Gilbert Arenas, Brandon Roy and Rashard Lewis to be among the bigger names affected by Santa’s not-so-giving cousin. Keep an eye on these players and where they might land after being cut loose. ESPN and Grantland have helpful lists of the players most likely to be let go by their teams thanks to the amnesty clause.


  • Less rest between games: Sixty-six games squeezed into a shorter season means there will be some busier-than-usual weeks for NBA teams. This could be interpreted as a negative for older players (though playing fewer games might balance that out), who will have less rest between games. It also means that players who get banged up during the course of the season and play through nicks and bruises may need a few more days than usual to get fully healthy again.


  • Getting back into the swing of things: The limited time players will have to work themselves back into game shape and get comfortable with new teammates will lead to a rough start to the season for most, if not all, NBA teams. Expect inconsistent and frustrating performances, but fight the temptation to make too many drastic roster moves in the early going. Patience will be the name of the game. We’re all going to be familiarizing ourselves with a fresh NBA landscape very soon, in accelerated fashion, after a lengthy layoff. It may not be transpiring the way we planned for or wanted, but it’s finally happening — and if I remember correctly, the NBA is where some cool stuff takes place.

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