Fantasy Analysis: 2011 NBA Free Agents (updated Dec. 14)

Tyson Chandler

Chandler gives the Knicks what they've lacked for a long time: a legitimate center. His fantasy value remains tied to his ability to stay healthy. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

It’s been a crazy week for the NBA. David Stern’s c-blocking aside, fantasy owners have had a lot to pay attention to — maybe too much. I know for me, my real-life work (you know, the stuff that pays the bills and gets in the way of this penurious passion) has gotten in the way of keeping up with all the chaos, but I finally got a chance to sit down and process the madness a bit.

Though trade rumors are all fine and dandy, we have a long list of free-agent signings to examine. Below is a quick rundown of the signings so far, broken down by team:

Atlanta Hawks:

  • Tracy McGrady (PG/SG): one year, veteran’s minimum
    • If (and probably when) Jamal Crawford leaves town, T-Mac could have inconsistent value here and there. Don’t expect him to get the 25-30 minutes he notched for a few months last season with the Pistons.

  • Vladimir Radmanovic (SF/PF): details undisclosed
    • You know the deal with Radmanovic: If he somehow gets minutes, he’ll hit some threes and get nearly a steal a game, but that’s a big “if.” He’s worthless for the time being.

    Boston Celtics:

    • Jeff Green (SF/PF): one year, $9 million
      • He’ll have one year to remind everyone of his ability to play solid basketball, which should motivate him plenty. This, along with the grueling schedule for the veteran Celtics this season, should lead to slightly improved production from last season — but that isn’t saying much. (Update: Green’s mysterious health issue knocks his appeal down until further notice.

  • Marquis Daniels (SG/SF): one year, details undisclosed
    • Unless injuries ravage that roster, Daniels won’t have value.

  • Chris Wilcox (PF/C): one year, veteran’s minimum
    • Don’t expect anything worthy of your attention.

    Charlotte Bobcats:

    • Derrick Brown(SF/PF): one year, details undisclosed
      • Not much to see here, folks.

    Chicago Bulls:

    • Brian Scalabrine (PF/C): details undisclosed
    • Love the guy, but don’t draft him — unless you want to have fun with a last pick.

    Cleveland Cavaliers:

    • Anthony Parker (SG/SF): one year, $2.25 million
    • He’ll be a low-end option if you need threes and steals at the very end of your roster.

    Dallas Mavericks:

    • Brandan Wright (PF): details undisclosed
      • Don’t expect much of anything this season from Wright.

  • Brian Cardinal (SF/PF): details undisclosed
    • The Janitor returns. That is all.

  • Delonte West (PG/SG): one year, details undisclosed
    • No more odd jobs for West. He’ll have marginal value every now and then, but nothing reliably appetizing.

    Denver Nuggets:

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