Mock Draft Results and Analysis: Dec. 15 (H2H, 9 Cats)

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This guy caused me much grief during this mock draft. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

In the midst of all the NBA insanity lately, I cleared a couple hours last night to participate in my first mock draft of the season. Here were the settings:

  • 12 teams
  • 14 rounds/roster spots (1 PG, 1 SG, 1 G, 1 SF, 1 PF, 1 F, 2 C, 3 Util, 3 Bench)
  • Time per pick: 60 seconds
  • Assumptions: head-to-head, nine categories

We had 12 humans sign up for it, but two didn’t show and one got to the draft late. Regardless, I’m happy that so many readers were able to take part in this mock draft on such short notice.

Here’s a quick recap and analysis of the mock draft, with picks I liked in green and picks I didn’t like in red. (Auto-selected picks were not given color judgments — except for one.)

Round 1:

R1 P1 fBasketballBlog Durant, Kevin SF OKC 4s
R1 P2 Brian Scalabrine James, LeBron SF MIA 18s
R1 P3 STAT%Melo Paul, Chris PG NO 25s
R1 P4 joeteezey Curry, Stephen PG GS AutoSelect
R1 P5 Peacock Rose, Derrick PG CHI 7s
R1 P6 jeocon10 Westbrook, Russell PG OKC AutoSelect
R1 P7 Rounders Block Wade, Dwyane PG MIA AutoSelect
R1 P8 Team Conklin Williams, Deron PG NJ 36s
R1 P9 Mookie Tookie Howard, Dwight C ORL 3s
R1 P10 sasquatch Love, Kevin PF MIN 12s
R1 P11 David Stern Nowitzki, Dirk PF DAL 35s
R1 P12 Tales of 9 Cats Gasol, Pau PF LAL 4s

First-round comments: There was a brief discussion regarding taking KD or LBJ at No. 1. I consider it a coin flip in H2H. LeBron’s FT% and TOs are kind of a drag, but he gets you more rebounds, assists and steals. Durant doesn’t have any real weakness (though more assists would be great) and helps you more with threes and FT% — he’s a foundation for a more efficient team than LeBron is, which is just a matter of strategy in H2H. I also think KD’s ceiling isn’t as set as LBJ’s, which is what tips me to KD more times than not. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with either at No. 1. Westbrook at No. 6 overall is too high for my tastes, but I understand. Love at No. 10 seems like great value.

Round 2:

R2 P1 Tales of 9 Cats Aldridge, LaMarcus PF POR AutoSelect
R2 P2 David Stern Stoudemire, Amar’e PF NY 30s
R2 P3 sasquatch Smith, Josh SF ATL 37s
R2 P4 Mookie Tookie Anthony, Carmelo SF NY 5s
R2 P5 Team Conklin Jefferson, Al PF UTA 13s
R2 P6 Rounders Block Evans, Tyreke PG SAC AutoSelect
R2 P7 jeocon10 Granger, Danny SF IND 42s
R2 P8 Peacock Bryant, Kobe SG LAL 11s
R2 P9 joeteezey Horford, Al PF ATL AutoSelect
R2 P10 STAT%Melo Wall, John PG WAS 18s
R2 P11 Brian Scalabrine Martin, Kevin SG HOU 17s
R2 P12 fBasketballBlog Ellis, Monta PG GS 1m

Second-round comments: Aldridge’s recurring heart issues concern me, though he seems fine for the time being. Even if he is healthy, the arrival of a gunner like Crawford and a full season with Gerald Wallace makes me think No. 13 overall is a bit high for him. Evans at No. 18 is ridiculous, but it was an auto-selected pick. I thought getting Ellis at No. 24 overall was a big steal.

Round 3:

R3 P1 fBasketballBlog Ginobili, Manu SG SAC AutoSelect
R3 P2 Brian Scalabrine Gasol, Marc C MEM 57s
R3 P3 STAT%Melo Griffin, Blake PF LAC 6s
R3 P4 joeteezey Holiday, Jrue PG PHI AutoSelect
R3 P5 Peacock Randolph, Zach PF MEM 6s
R3 P6 jeocon10 Ibaka, Serge PF OKC 52s
R3 P7 Rounders Block Billups, Chauncey PG NY AutoSelect
R3 P8 Team Conklin Gordon, Eric SG LAC 34s
R3 P9 Mookie Tookie Jennings, Brandon PG MIL 17s
R3 P10 sasquatch Lee, David PF GS 52s
R3 P11 David Stern Gay, Rudy SF MEM 29s
R3 P12 Tales of 9 Cats Rondo, Rajon PG BOS 7s

Third-round comments: Somehow, I put my team on auto-select mode and I ended up with Manu at No. 25. I hated this. It could’ve gone worse, but I wouldn’t give Ginobili a look until the fourth round at the earliest. I took it in stride and started to see an identity forming for my squad. Griffin won’t last this long on most draft boards, so getting him in the third round is a pretty good. I think No. 30 for Ibaka is perfect. Drafting Jennings anywhere north of the sixth round is way too optimistic for me.

Round 4:

R4 P1 Tales of 9 Cats Wright, Dorell SG GS 19s
R4 P2 David Stern Iguodala, Andre SG PHI 23s
R4 P3 sasquatch Nash, Steve PG PHO 32s
R4 P4 Mookie Tookie Pierce, Paul SG BOS 9s
R4 P5 Team Conklin Harden, James SG OKC AutoSelect
R4 P6 Rounders Block Millsap, Paul PF UTA AutoSelect
R4 P7 jeocon10 Blatche, Andray PF WAS AutoSelect
R4 P8 Peacock Lopez, Brook C NJ 7s
R4 P9 joeteezey Parker, Tony PG SAC AutoSelect
R4 P10 STAT%Melo Noah, Joakim PF CHI 35s
R4 P11 Brian Scalabrine Wallace, Gerald SF POR 11s
R4 P12 fBasketballBlog Hilario, Nene C DEN 27s

Fourth-round comments: I was surprised to see Nash go this early, with the potential effects of the more intense schedule on his old body and all. Lopez at No. 44 overall sounds like fine value. Wallace falling to No. 47 overall is absurd — he shouldn’t drop past the third round. Nene at No. 48 is a steal, especially given that team’s need for his production this season.

Round 5:

R5 P1 fBasketballBlog Gortat, Marcin C PHO 47s
R5 P2 Brian Scalabrine Bosh, Chris PF MIA 49s
R5 P3 STAT%Melo Johnson, Joe SG ATL 5s
R5 P4 joeteezey Conley, Mike PG MEM AutoSelect
R5 P5 Peacock Felton, Raymond PG POR 46s
R5 P6 jeocon10 Gallinari, Danilo SF DEN AutoSelect
R5 P7 Rounders Block Garnett, Kevin PF BOS AutoSelect
R5 P8 Team Conklin Deng, Luol SF CHI AutoSelect
R5 P9 Mookie Tookie Scola, Luis PF HOU 9s
R5 P10 sasquatch Lowry, Kyle PG HOU 28s
R5 P11 David Stern Lawson, Ty PG DEN 37s
R5 P12 Tales of 9 Cats Brand, Elton PF PHI 7s

Fifth-round comments: I loved following up my Nene pick with Gortat. That fills up my two center spots with guys who shoot well from the field and the charity stripe, and give me healthy doses of points, rebounds and blocks. Scola shouldn’t go before Lowry or Lawson.

Round 6:

R6 P1 Tales of 9 Cats McGee, JaVale PF WAS 23s
R6 P2 David Stern Cousins, DeMarcus PF SAC 26s
R6 P3 sasquatch Dudley, Jared SG PHO 30s
R6 P4 Mookie Tookie Collison, Darren PG IND 12s
R6 P5 Team Conklin Hibbert, Roy C IND 7s
R6 P6 Rounders Block Kidd, Jason PG DAL AutoSelect
R6 P7 jeocon10 Matthews, Wesley SG POR AutoSelect
R6 P8 Peacock Boozer, Carlos PF CHI 9s
R6 P9 joeteezey Jackson, Stephen SG MIL AutoSelect
R6 P10 STAT%Melo Bogut, Andrew C MIL 13s
R6 P11 Brian Scalabrine Irving, Kyrie PG CLE 27s
R6 P12 fBasketballBlog Frye, Channing PF PHO 10s

Sixth-round comments: Cousins is valuable in his own way, but not this early. He needs to improve his FG%, FT% and turnovers before I can take him seriously enough to draft him this high. Also, that Kings squad is packed with firepower, which makes me wary of how much room he has to improve from his last season’s stats. Collison in the sixth round is also too early, especially now that it looks like George Hill has a shot at stealing the starting PG gig for the Pacers.

Round 7:

R7 P1 fBasketballBlog Allen, Ray SG BOS 31s
R7 P2 Brian Scalabrine Bynum, Andrew C LAL 9s
R7 P3 STAT%Melo Monroe, Greg C DET 49s
R7 P4 joeteezey Beasley, Michael SF MIN AutoSelect
R7 P5 Peacock Harris, Devin PG UTA 43s
R7 P6 jeocon10 Williams, Mo PG LAC AutoSelect
R7 P7 Rounders Block Augustin, D.J. PG CHR AutoSelect
R7 P8 Team Conklin Jordan, DeAndre PF LAC 7s
R7 P9 Mookie Tookie Bargnani, Andrea PF TOR 6s
R7 P10 sasquatch Batum, Nicolas SG POR 48s
R7 P11 David Stern Kaman, Chris C LAC Predrafted
R7 P12 Tales of 9 Cats Duncan, Tim PF SAC 33s

Seventh-round comments: With Allen, I’m feeling confident about my team’s threes and FT%. Monroe at No. 75 is robbery. Jordan in the seventh round sounds about right. Call me crazy, but Duncan at No. 84 overall seems like good value. Even if he dips to around 12 points, 8 rebounds, 2.5 assists, 0.5 steals and 1.7 blocks a game, he’s still going to shoot 50 percent from the field and around 70 percent from the line, which is all solid for a guy taken this late.

Round 8:

R8 P1 Tales of 9 Cats Teague, Jeff PG ATL 3s
R8 P2 David Stern Odom, Lamar SF LAL 5s
R8 P3 sasquatch DeRozan, DeMar SG TOR AutoSelect
R8 P4 Mookie Tookie Humphries, Kris PF NJ 4s
R8 P5 Team Conklin Douglas, Toney PG NY 7s
R8 P6 Rounders Block Terry, Jason PG DAL AutoSelect
R8 P7 jeocon10 Afflalo, Arron SG DEN AutoSelect
R8 P8 Peacock Blair, DeJuan PF SAC 1m
R8 P9 joeteezey Allen, Tony SG MEM AutoSelect
R8 P10 STAT%Melo Richardson, Jason SG ORL 16s
R8 P11 Brian Scalabrine Nelson, Jameer PG ORL 47s
R8 P12 fBasketballBlog West, David PF NO 7s

Eighth-round comments: Teague is going to be a sexy pick this season, and rightfully so. We don’t truly know his ceiling yet, so this season will be quite telling. Spending an eighth-round pick on him sounds fine. I’m intrigued with Douglas this season. If the Knicks don’t sign another PG, I just can’t see Bibby cutting that much into Douglas’ production. In nine games as a starter last season, Douglas averaged 52.2 percent from the field, 81.8 percent from the line, 2.4 threes, 13.9 points, 3.0 rebounds, 5.7 assists, 0.7 steals and 1.6 turnovers in 29 minutes of playing time. J-Rich is solid value here. I gladly took West at No. 96 overall. His knee scares people off, which is reasonable, but he’s not a guy who relies too much on his quickness or leaping ability. He should be a well-fitting cog in that Pacers offense.

Round 9:

R9 P1 fBasketballBlog Thornton, Marcus SG SAC 2s
R9 P2 Brian Scalabrine Hill, George PG IND 7s
R9 P3 STAT%Melo Okafor, Emeka C NO 59s
R9 P4 joeteezey Fernandez, Rudy SG DAL AutoSelect
R9 P5 Peacock Young, Thaddeus SF PHI 11s
R9 P6 jeocon10 Delfino, Carlos SG MIL AutoSelect
R9 P7 Rounders Block Turkoglu, Hedo SF ORL AutoSelect
R9 P8 Team Conklin Chandler, Tyson C DAL 6s
R9 P9 Mookie Tookie George, Paul SG IND 5s
R9 P10 sasquatch Dalembert, Samuel C SAC 1m
R9 P11 David Stern Calderon, Jose PG TOR 7s
R9 P12 Tales of 9 Cats Varejao, Anderson PF CLE 10s

Ninth-round comments: I liked getting Thornton here. While I’m concerned about how he’ll fit in with all that offense on the Kings roster, he’s a solid three-point shooter, free-throw shooter and thief — all things that fit into the identity I’m giving my team. George is about as alluring a sleeper as there is this season, and getting him in the ninth round sounds very fair. I like Varejao here, too, though I expect him to battle a lot of rust.

Round 10:

R10 P1 Tales of 9 Cats Maggette, Corey SF CHR 49s
R10 P2 David Stern Young, Nick SG WAS 54s
R10 P3 sasquatch Thomas, Tyrus PF CHR 39s
R10 P4 Mookie Tookie Mayo, O.J. SG MEM 5s
R10 P5 Team Conklin Ariza, Trevor SG NO 11s
R10 P6 Rounders Block Anderson, Ryan PF ORL 33s
R10 P7 jeocon10 Miller, Andre PG DEN AutoSelect
R10 P8 Peacock Miles, C.J. SG UTA 17s
R10 P9 joeteezey Marion, Shawn SF DAL AutoSelect
R10 P10 STAT%Melo Jamison, Antawn SF CLE 26s
R10 P11 Brian Scalabrine Stuckey, Rodney PG DET 59s
R10 P12 fBasketballBlog Budinger, Chase SG HOU 7s

Tenth-round comments: Maggette will be asked to shoulder a good portion of that Bobcats offense, but his body won’t hold up for the whole season. Thomas, similarly, is in for a bigger role in 2011-12, but I just don’t trust his health. The 10th round sounds OK for both guys. Mayo showed nothing last season to make fantasy owners believe he can make a comeback this season. Ariza’s got new competition in Al-Farouq Aminu, which doesn’t bode well for his fantasy value. There were more appealing players with bigger upsides available than Mayo and Ariza. Anderson, Miles and Budinger are three such players.

Round 11:

R11 P1 fBasketballBlog Daye, Austin SF DET 1s
R11 P2 Brian Scalabrine Davis, Ed PF TOR 42s
R11 P3 STAT%Melo Butler, Caron SG DAL 19s
R11 P4 joeteezey Johnson, Wes SG MIN AutoSelect
R11 P5 Peacock Hickson, J.J. PF SAC 6s
R11 P6 jeocon10 Salmons, John SG SAC AutoSelect
R11 P7 Rounders Block Johnson, Amir PF TOR 52s
R11 P8 Team Conklin Rubio, Ricky PG MIN 5s
R11 P9 Mookie Tookie Camby, Marcus C POR 19s
R11 P10 sasquatch Walker, Kemba PG CHR 27s
R11 P11 David Stern Gordon, Ben PG DET 10s
R11 P12 Tales of 9 Cats Jack, Jarrett PG NO 16s

Eleventh-round comments: Chuck Hayes’ addition to the Kings’ roster makes things complicated for Hickson, but I guess the 11th round isn’t the worst place to spend a pick on him. Jack at No. 132 overall is an absolute steal, assuming the Hornets don’t get another productive point guard. (He’s suspended for the first game of the season because of a reckless-driving incident in February.)

Round 12:

R12 P1 Tales of 9 Cats Henderson, Gerald SG CHR 28s
R12 P2 David Stern Hill, Grant SF PHO 43s
R12 P3 sasquatch Bayless, Jerryd PG TOR 50s
R12 P4 Mookie Tookie Turner, Evan SG PHI 10s
R12 P5 Team Conklin Thompson, Tristan PF CLE 47s
R12 P6 Rounders Block Williams, Derrick SF MIN 16s
R12 P7 jeocon10 Lewis, Rashard SF WAS AutoSelect
R12 P8 Peacock Fields, Landry SG NY 43s
R12 P9 joeteezey Casspi, Omri SG CLE AutoSelect
R12 P10 STAT%Melo Crawford, Jordan PG WAS 45s
R12 P11 Brian Scalabrine Diaw, Boris SF CHR 14s
R12 P12 fBasketballBlog Meeks, Jodie SG PHI 15s

Twelfth-round comments: There were a lot of good bargains here. Henderson’s a great sleeper and this pick position is ideal for him. Bayless will compete with Calderon for minutes at PG, and I’m of the mind that he’ll at least work himself into a timeshare. Diaw will have SF/PF/C flexibility this season and will offer his typical blend of across-the-board stats. Meeks is set to start at SG for the Sixers, so he’ll be pouring in the threes again this season.

Round 13:

R13 P1 fBasketballBlog Crawford, Jamal PG ATL 41s
R13 P2 Brian Scalabrine Landry, Carl SF NO 14s
R13 P3 STAT%Melo Haywood, Brendan C DAL 6s
R13 P4 joeteezey Carter, Vince SG PHO AutoSelect
R13 P5 Peacock Johnson, James SF TOR 35s
R13 P6 jeocon10 Williams, Louis PG PHI AutoSelect
R13 P7 Rounders Block Vesely, Jan SF WAS AutoSelect
R13 P8 Team Conklin Patterson, Patrick PF HOU 4s
R13 P9 Mookie Tookie Hansbrough, Tyler PF IND 5s
R13 P10 sasquatch Hayes, Chuck PF HOU 51s
R13 P11 David Stern Knight, Brandon PG DET 2s
R13 P12 Tales of 9 Cats McRoberts, Josh PF IND 16s

Thirteenth-round comments: I was desperate for a backup PG, but with all my targeted guys off the board, I had to settle for Crawford. Don’t get me wrong — he’ll score and hit threes, but it would’ve been nice to have someone who was a bit more well-rounded. I’m a big Johnson fan. He should do good things for the Raptors this season. McRoberts will surprise people, especially in the first five games of the season when Bynum serves his suspension for his J.J. Barea incident.

Round 14:

R14 P1 Tales of 9 Cats Leonard, Kawhi SF SAC 15s
R14 P2 David Stern Faried, Kenneth PF DEN 13s
R14 P3 sasquatch Udoh, Ekpe PF GS AutoSelect
R14 P4 Mookie Tookie Fredette, Jimmer PG SAC 5s
R14 P5 Team Conklin Foye, Randy PG LAC 5s
R14 P6 Rounders Block Arthur, Darrell PF MEM AutoSelect
R14 P7 jeocon10 Gibson, Taj PF CHI AutoSelect
R14 P8 Peacock Bass, Brandon PF ORL AutoSelect
R14 P9 joeteezey Haslem, Udonis PF MIA AutoSelect
R14 P10 STAT%Melo Kirilenko, Andrei SF UTA 20s
R14 P11 Brian Scalabrine Davis, Baron PG CLE Predrafted
R14 P12 fBasketballBlog Morrow, Anthony SG NJ 5s

Fourteenth-round comments: Leonard seems ready to contribute and give Richard Jefferson (who looks like he’ll avoid being an amnesty victim) a run for his minutes at SF. Faried and Fredette will be a popular late-draft picks this season. I thought having Morrow fall to the very end of the draft was criminal. If he stays healthy, he’ll be a nice source of threes at the very least.


fBasketballBlog Brian Scalabrine STAT%Melo
Player Acquired Player Acquired Player Acquired
PG Monta Ellis R2 P12 PG Kyrie Irving R6 P11 PG Chris Paul R1 P3
PG Jamal Crawford R13 P1 PG Jameer Nelson R8 P11 PG John Wall R2 P10
SG Manu Ginobili R3 P1 PG George Hill R9 P2 PG Jordan Crawford R12 P10
SG Ray Allen R7 P1 PG Rodney Stuckey R10 P11 SG Joe Johnson R5 P3
SG Marcus Thornton R9 P1 PG Baron Davis R14 P11 SG Jason Richardson R8 P10
SG Chase Budinger R10 P12 SG Kevin Martin R2 P11 SG Caron Butler R11 P3
SG Jodie Meeks R12 P12 SF LeBron James R1 P2 SF Antawn Jamison R10 P10
SG Anthony Morrow R14 P12 SF Gerald Wallace R4 P11 SF Andrei Kirilenko R14 P10
SF Kevin Durant R1 P1 SF Boris Diaw R12 P11 PF Blake Griffin R3 P3
SF Austin Daye R11 P1 SF Carl Landry R13 P2 PF Joakim Noah R4 P10
PF Channing Frye R6 P12 PF Chris Bosh R5 P2 C Andrew Bogut R6 P10
PF David West R8 P12 PF Ed Davis R11 P2 C Greg Monroe R7 P3
C Nene Hilario R4 P12 C Marc Gasol R3 P2 C Emeka Okafor R9 P3
C Marcin Gortat R5 P1 C Andrew Bynum R7 P2 C Brendan Haywood R13 P3
joeteezey Peacock jeocon10
Player Acquired Player Acquired Player Acquired
PG Stephen Curry R1 P4 PG Derrick Rose R1 P5 PG Russell Westbrook R1 P6
PG Jrue Holiday R3 P4 PG Raymond Felton R5 P5 PG Mo Williams R7 P6
PG Tony Parker R4 P9 PG Devin Harris R7 P5 PG Andre Miller R10 P7
PG Mike Conley R5 P4 SG Kobe Bryant R2 P8 PG Louis Williams R13 P6
SG Stephen Jackson R6 P9 SG C.J. Miles R10 P8 SG Wesley Matthews R6 P7
SG Tony Allen R8 P9 SG Landry Fields R12 P8 SG Arron Afflalo R8 P7
SG Rudy Fernandez R9 P4 SF Thaddeus Young R9 P5 SG Carlos Delfino R9 P6
SG Wes Johnson R11 P4 SF James Johnson R13 P5 SG John Salmons R11 P6
SG Omri Casspi R12 P9 PF Zach Randolph R3 P5 SF Danny Granger R2 P7
SG Vince Carter R13 P4 PF Carlos Boozer R6 P8 SF Danilo Gallinari R5 P6
SF Michael Beasley R7 P4 PF DeJuan Blair R8 P8 SF Rashard Lewis R12 P7
SF Shawn Marion R10 P9 PF J.J. Hickson R11 P5 PF Serge Ibaka R3 P6
PF Al Horford R2 P9 PF Brandon Bass R14 P8 PF Andray Blatche R4 P7
PF Udonis Haslem R14 P9 C Brook Lopez R4 P8 PF Taj Gibson R14 P7
Rounders Block Team Conklin Mookie Tookie
Player Acquired Player Acquired Player Acquired
PG Dwyane Wade R1 P7 PG Deron Williams R1 P8 PG Brandon Jennings R3 P9
PG Tyreke Evans R2 P6 PG Toney Douglas R8 P5 PG Darren Collison R6 P4
PG Chauncey Billups R3 P7 PG Ricky Rubio R11 P8 PG Jimmer Fredette R14 P4
PG Jason Kidd R6 P6 PG Randy Foye R14 P5 SG Paul Pierce R4 P4
PG D.J. Augustin R7 P7 SG Eric Gordon R3 P8 SG Paul George R9 P9
PG Jason Terry R8 P6 SG James Harden R4 P5 SG O.J. Mayo R10 P4
SF Hedo Turkoglu R9 P7 SG Trevor Ariza R10 P5 SG Evan Turner R12 P4
SF Derrick Williams R12 P6 SF Luol Deng R5 P8 SF Carmelo Anthony R2 P4
SF Jan Vesely R13 P7 PF Al Jefferson R2 P5 PF Luis Scola R5 P9
PF Paul Millsap R4 P6 PF DeAndre Jordan R7 P8 PF Andrea Bargnani R7 P9
PF Kevin Garnett R5 P7 PF Tristan Thompson R12 P5 PF Kris Humphries R8 P4
PF Ryan Anderson R10 P6 PF Patrick Patterson R13 P8 PF Tyler Hansbrough R13 P9
PF Amir Johnson R11 P7 C Roy Hibbert R6 P5 C Dwight Howard R1 P9
PF Darrell Arthur R14 P6 C Tyson Chandler R9 P8 C Marcus Camby R11 P9
sasquatch David Stern Tales of 9 Cats
Player Acquired Player Acquired Player Acquired
PG Steve Nash R4 P3 PG Ty Lawson R5 P11 PG Rajon Rondo R3 P12
PG Kyle Lowry R5 P10 PG Jose Calderon R9 P11 PG Jeff Teague R8 P1
PG Kemba Walker R11 P10 PG Ben Gordon R11 P11 PG Jarrett Jack R11 P12
PG Jerryd Bayless R12 P3 PG Brandon Knight R13 P11 SG Dorell Wright R4 P1
SG Jared Dudley R6 P3 SG Andre Iguodala R4 P2 SG Gerald Henderson R12 P1
SG Nicolas Batum R7 P10 SG Nick Young R10 P2 SF Corey Maggette R10 P1
SG DeMar DeRozan R8 P3 SF Rudy Gay R3 P11 SF Kawhi Leonard R14 P1
SF Josh Smith R2 P3 SF Lamar Odom R8 P2 PF Pau Gasol R1 P12
PF Kevin Love R1 P10 SF Grant Hill R12 P2 PF LaMarcus Aldridge R2 P1
PF David Lee R3 P10 PF Dirk Nowitzki R1 P11 PF Elton Brand R5 P12
PF Tyrus Thomas R10 P3 PF Amar’e Stoudemire R2 P2 PF JaVale McGee R6 P1
PF Chuck Hayes R13 P10 PF DeMarcus Cousins R6 P2 PF Tim Duncan R7 P12
PF Ekpe Udoh R14 P3 PF Kenneth Faried R14 P2 PF Anderson Varejao R9 P12
C Samuel Dalembert R9 P10 C Chris Kaman R7 P11 PF Josh McRoberts R13 P12

It felt good to be mocking again, despite the auto-select blunders some of us had. Gotta get all the bad stuff out during these practices, right?

I like my team’s strengths: FT%, threes, steals and points. I’m content with the prospect of struggling in assists. My only regret (besides the Ginobili auto-selection) was not nabbing a better backup PG. My post-draft goal would be to deal away some of my excess at SG to get another big man and point guard.

I’ve got thoughts on the other rosters as well, but I’ll stop typing now and will let my readers decide which final rosters look good and which ones don’t. Vote in the poll below and voice your opinions in the comments section.

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