Fantasy Basketball Stock Watch 2011-12: Week 1

Boris Diaw

That about sums up Diaw's monstrous start to the 2011-12 NBA season. (Kent Smith/NBAE via Getty Images)

This will be a new weekly series of posts that differs from the “Buy Low, Sell High” posts from last season. The “buy, sell, hold” ratings should be approximately interpreted as follows:

  • Buy: the player is a solid trade target because his value is underappreciated yet reliable, or because he’s in a slump
  • Hold: if you own the player, try to hold onto him, either because he’ll maintain solid value or to see how his value stabilizes before dealing him away; if you don’t own the player, wait until his stock drops a bit or until his uncertain value is clearer before trying to get him in a trade
  • Sell: don’t believe the player’s recent production and sell high if you own him

With that, here’s the stock watch for Week 1:


↑ Spencer Hawes: Sell

↑ Boris Diaw: Hold

↑ Kris Humphries: Hold

↑ Andre Miller: Hold

↑ Kyle Lowry: Hold


↓ Russell Westbrook: Buy

↓ Deron Williams: Buy

↓ Paul Millsap: Hold

↓ Dorell Wright: Buy

↓ Marcin Gortat: Buy

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