Vote: 2011-12 NBA Fantasy All-Stars

Aziz Ansari - Vote

Yep, that's a "T" behind Aziz's head.

The NBA has unveiled the 2012 NBA All-Star rosters, which means it’s now time to bring our version of sexy back. That’s right: It’s time to open up the ballots for the 2011-12 NBA Fantasy All-Stars. (To see how last year’s voting turned out, see here.)

Here are the ballots for this year:

Eastern Conference || Western Conference

Vote based on whatever you want: straight-up value so far this season, returns based on draft positions, or even subjective love or hatred for players. You get two votes for PG, SG, SF and PF, and one vote for C.

Official results will be posted on Friday, Feb. 24. The links to the ballots for each conference will remain at the top of the site until then.

Vote now.