2011-12 NBA Fantasy All-Stars: Voting Results (Poll)

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant

LeBron and Kobe face each other in the realm of Fantasy All-Stars, too. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

If the 2012 NBA All-Star weekend felt a little emptier than usual, it’s because you didn’t know the results of the 2011-12 NBA Fantasy All-Star voting.

For the uninitiated, this is a tradition that began on this blog last season and continued this season.

Here were the guidelines for voting: “Vote based on whatever you want: straight-up value so far this season, returns based on draft positions, or even subjective love or hatred for players. You get two votes for PG, SG, SF and PF, and one vote for C.”

The people have spoken. Here are the results, along with who I would’ve chosen at each position:

Eastern Conference starters (number/percent of votes for each position)

PG: Derrick Rose (40/43%)

My vote: Brandon Jennings

SG: Dwyane Wade (40/43%)

My vote: Paul George

SF: LeBron James (51/52%)

My vote: LeBron James

PF: Ryan Anderson (37/38%)

My vote: Ryan Anderson

C: Dwight Howard (25/44%)

My vote: Greg Monroe

Reserves (the second highest vote-getters at each position): Brandon Jennings (14/15%), Joe Johnson (22/23%), Andre Iguodala (22/22%), Josh Smith (27/28%), Greg Monroe (21/37%)


Western Conference starters (number/percent of votes for each position)

PG: Chris Paul (28/35%)

My vote: Kyle Lowry

SG: Kobe Bryant (40/48%)

My vote: Kobe Bryant

SF: Kevin Durant (44/54%)

My vote: Kevin Durant

PF: Kevin Love (39/46%)

My vote: Kevin Love

C: Marc Gasol (21/46%)

My vote: Marc Gasol

Reserves (the second highest vote-getters at each position): Russell Westbrook (16/20%), Monta Ellis (25/30%), Danilo Gallinari (19/23%), LaMarcus Aldridge (32/38%), Marcin Gortat (9/20%)


To recap, here are the final rosters:




Derrick Rose

Chris Paul


Dwyane Wade

Kobe Bryant


LeBron James

Kevin Durant


Ryan Anderson

Kevin Love


Dwight Howard

Marc Gasol


Brandon Jennings

Russell Westbrook


Joe Johnson

Monta Ellis


Andre Iguodala

Danilo Gallinari


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