Thunder vs. Heat in the 2012 NBA Finals: A Sign of the Times (Poll)

We’re living in a time of daunting hardships, where many people are forced to take what they have — or what they have left — no matter how little, and make the most of it, plugging away until they they emerge from red into black. The majority of us don’t have the luxury of breaking free from our less-than-ideal circumstances and signing on to live a more enjoyable existence. Instead, we understand that we are dealt a certain hand and must do the absolute best we can with it. To see someone do just that and triumph is heartening; to see someone prosper by trading in their hand for a better one is offensive.

This is the backdrop for this series, the undercurrent fueling the general public’s affection for the Thunder and disdain for the Heat, and it’s the layer that makes this iteration of the NBA Finals so much more intriguing than it already is.

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