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Breaking news: Collison to Pacers, Ariza to Hornets, Murphy to Nets in four-team deal

by on Aug.11, 2010, under Trades

Four-team NBA trade

Successful for whom? This is a deal with charming implications. (ESPN Trade Machine)

ESPN is reporting that the Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, New Jersey Nets and New Orleans Hornets have agreed to a five-player deal. The names involved aren’t going to turn the heads of casual NBA fans, but for fantasy owners there’s some real treasure here. Here’s the quick-and-dirty breakdown:

  • The Pacers get Darren Collison and James Posey: This is pure gold for Collison, who will take the reins of the long-suffering PG spot in Indiana. With word that the Pacers are working to buy out T.J. Ford, Collison’s jump into fantasy stardom seems all but guaranteed. I don’t think it’s too bold to declare him a top-50 fantasy player now. After all, he averaged 18.8/3.5/9.1 along with 1.4 steals and 1.0 threes in 37 starts last season. Granted, he played 40:17 in those games and turned the ball over 4.1 times per outing, but that does little to dampen the happy possibilities for Collison. (The threat of a maddening timeshare with Lance Stephenson and A.J. Price exists, but it’s slim — or it should be.) Those who were banking on Stephenson being a sleeper can probably let that dream go for now. Posey is immaterial here. Also, Chris Paul‘s value has a little more breathing room, though it does little to change his stud status.
  • The Nets get Troy Murphy: Murphy is now playing alongside a capable center in Brook Lopez who, unlike Roy Hibbert (who should get a couple more shots per game along with more caroms bouncing his way), knows how to rebound well. This should knock Murphy out of double-double land. Derrick Favors is the big loser here, as he can kiss his starting gig good-bye. Still, don’t be surprised if the rookie and the new-old dog split time on some nights. For the Pacers, things open up a bit for the likes of Paul George, Josh McRoberts and Mike Dunleavy, especially if Danny Granger moves to the PF spot.
  • The Hornets get Trevor Ariza: While this trade shifts talent to a vacuous SF spot in N.O., which shores up its starting unit and makes it look miles stronger than last season’s, the impact on Ariza’s value is probably minimal. Will playing with a great floor general like CP3 boost his field-goal percentage? Maybe. Will he do his best Peja Stojakovic impersonation and knock down threes like there’s no tomorrow? Yep. Essentially, Ariza takes his talented third-wheel act to New Orleans, which doesn’t exactly exude excitement. (In a separate deal, the Hornets sent Julian Wright to Toronto for Marco Belinelli.) For the Rockets, the (ahem) budding Chase Budinger becomes an even more intriguing sleeper, while Shane Battier‘s minutes are more secure.
  • The Rockets get Courtney Lee: There’s no way Lee plays anywhere near the 33:30 per game he got last season in New Jersey, as he now becomes a backup to Kevin Martin. The big news here is Anthony Morrow, who is now the unquestioned starting SG (and the only viable one at the moment) for the Nets. Visions of 16/4/2 along with around 2.5 threes per game from Morrow are flashing in my head. He should follow Collison up your draft lists and might be worth a spot in the top 70.
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2010-11 Fantasy basketball mock draft w/ Weakside Help: Round 7

by on Aug.05, 2010, under Mock drafts

Gilbert Arenas

Yeah, that's right Gilbert -- your number's finally been called. (Keith Allison/Flickr)

Round seven and still going strong.

It’s been a fun ride so far and this middle part of the draft is where it gets really exhilarating. The pressure of conforming to general opinion from the earlier rounds is gone, but the pickings aren’t yet slim enough that you can let up a bit like you may be able to do in the latter rounds. This is where you start seeing and doing things you might not have expected heading into the draft, and where big-time steals are made.

Henry got me nodding, grimacing and raising my eyebrows in round six, so I’m hoping to give him (and you) a similarly emotional ride here in round seven.

If you need to catch up, here are round oneround tworound threeround four, round five and the aforementioned round six.

I could call this round the “Dirty Dozen,” since there are so many dudes being taken here that might cause you to groan in boredom and agony. But there are some exciting picks, too. Read on and hold onto your butts — this might be a rocky one: (continue reading…)

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Daily fantasy recap: 4.13

by on Apr.13, 2010, under Quick hits

Trevor Ariza

Ariza was great last night. (Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

[Read the full, original post at Dimemag.com]

Beast of the Night: Trevor Ariza finished with 29 points, 5 threes, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks and 2 turnovers in one of his best performances of the season. He shot 56 percent (10-18) from the field and 100 percent (4-4) from the charity stripe. Though his numbers this year were disappointing to most, his difficulties should’ve been expected. Still, Ariza’s value will be intriguing in next year’s drafts.

Noteworthy Lines:
Dwyane Wade – 12-19 FG (63%), 5-7 FT (71%), 1 3ptm, 30 Pts, 4 Reb, 3 Ast, 2 Stl, 1 Blk, 4 TO; Ho-hum. While Wade has taken a step back from his unbelievable 2008-09 stats, he still had a great season and his good health was a bonus.

Andrea Bargnani – 13-22 FG (59%), 2-2 FT (100%), 5 3ptm, 33 Pts, 7 Reb, 1 Ast, 1 Blk, 1 TO; With Chris Bosh out, Bargnani should’ve had a couple more games like this but his owners will take it any way they can get it from him. He didn’t have quite the breakout year many expected from him but had a solid season nonetheless.

Jarrett Jack – 5-8 FG (63%), 4-4 FT (100%), 1 3ptm, 15 Pts, 4 Reb, 12 Ast, 4 TO; You’ve really got to hand it to Jack, who shouldn’t be slept on in next season’s drafts. (continue reading…)

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Daily fantasy recap: 3.26

by on Mar.26, 2010, under Quick hits

Trevor Ariza

Ariza was the beast in a light night for the NBA. (Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images)

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Beast of the Night: Trevor Ariza put up 18 points, 3 threes, 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals, 1 block and 3 turnovers against the Clippers. He shot 35 percent (7-20) from the field and 33 percent (1-3) from the line. Ariza’s on a roll right now.

Noteworthy Lines:
Jermaine O’Neal – 9-14 FG (64%), 6-7 FT (86%), 24 Pts, 4 Reb, 3 Ast, 2 Blk, 1 TO

Drew Gooden – 7-14 FG (50%), 3-3 FT (100%), 17 Pts, 14 Reb, 2 Ast, 3 TO

Caron Butler – 11-19 FG (58%), 2-3 FT (67%), 1 3ptm, 25 Pts, 9 Reb, 2 Ast, 2 Stl, 2 TO (continue reading…)

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Daily fantasy recap: 3.25

by on Mar.25, 2010, under Quick hits

LeBron James

There are so many ways to go with this caption, but how about this: James has stood head-and-shoulders above CP3 this season. (Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)

[Read the full, original post at Dimemag.com]

Beast of the Night: LeBron James finished with 38 points, 1 three, 6 boards, 9 dimes, 1 steal and 3 turnovers. He shot 68 percent (15-22) from the field and 88 percent (7-8) from the free throw line.

Noteworthy Lines:
Rajon Rondo – 4-9 FG (44%), 3-6 FT (50%), 11 Pts, 11 Reb, 15 Ast, 4 Stl, 4 TO

Kevin Garnett – 8-20 FG (40%), 4-5 FT (80%), 20 Pts, 10 Reb, 5 Ast, 1 Stl

Stephen Jackson – 15-24 FG (63%), 3-4 FT (75%), 4 3ptm, 37 Pts, 5 Reb, 3 Ast, 2 Stl, 5 TO (continue reading…)

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